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Movement Research at the Judson Church – January 11, 2016

Featuring works by Jen McGinn, Alex Romania, Molly Poerstel and iele paloumpis.

Research on Referential Mosaics for: a Gram & a Gone
Choreographed by James & Jen | McGinn & Again
Performed by Andrew Champlin, Maggie Cloud, Emma Geisdorf and James McGinn


Excerpt from ‘CBT’ – an evening length work in process
Choreographed and Performed by Alex Romania

This work was created with commissioning support from Gibney Dance and generous support from The Howard Gilman Foundation, with additional commissioning support by the Late Nite Series at the Pillsbury House in Minneapolis, and residency support from Abrons Arts Center and Chez Bushwick.


Our movement practice for: Are we a fossil, and of facings.
Performers: Jennifer Kjos, Alice MacDonald and Eleanor Smith
Sound Designer: Dana Wachs
Choreography: Molly Poerstel

This work was made possible, in part through the Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program, funded, in part, by the Jerome Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Davis/Dauray Family Fund, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Are we a fossil, and of facings was created with additional commissioning support from Gibney Dance with funds provided by the Howard Gilman Foundation.


Oceanic End (working title, excerpt)
Choreography by iele paloumpis in collaboration with Jai Arun Ravine
Performance by April Herms, iele paloumpis, HaQuyen Pham, Jai Arun Ravine, Monica Rodriguez, Cassie Wagler and Adrien Weibgen
Text and Lyrics excerpted from Ursula K. LeGuin’s Always Coming Home
Musical Composition by iele paloumpis
Musical Realization by HaQuyen Pham and Cassie Wagler in collaboration with the full cast of singers
Ison Recording featuring the voices of Eric Linsker and Adrien W

Movement Research at the Judson Church Fall Festival November 30, 2015

a dialectic of dark and light
Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste and invited guests and audience

What is the historical data, aesthetic memory laid within a particular site? How do we both claim and shed this skin as an act of radical acceptance? How do we simultaneously lift and lean into the weight of history?

Continuing his 2014 exploration of Black Male Revisited: Experimental Representation through the Ephemeral Form, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko in collaboration with scholar Brenda Dixon-Gottschild and sonic artist Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste will craft an evening length opening performance, improvisational jam and celebration at Judson Church that blurs the line between audience and performer. In an attempt to honor and trouble the historical site of Judson Church as a location of worship and experimentation (while allowing limited access to artists who exist on the fringe of the Judson dance experience), all are invited to explore movement, style, heritage, sound, and light in a safe, non-judgmental open environment.

Movement Research at the Judson Church – November 23, 2015

Featuring works by Kyle Marshall Choreography, Sun ae Hwang / SUNPROJECT, THE COMMONS CHOIR

Parts of Roam
Choreographer: Kyle Marshall
Performers: Monica Gonzalez, Miriam Gabriel, Myssi Robinson, Derek Crescenti
Music: Tristan Perich


MY REAL STORY SERIES – the past relationship with asshole ex & the childhood
Director/Choreographer: Sun ae Hwang
Performer: Sun ae Hwang
Music: Narration / Shino Frances Rolnick
Voice / Sun ae Hwang
The past relationship with asshole ex / Why don’t you love me by Beyonce
The childhood / Creep by Radiohead
Costume: Sun ae Hwang


I am another yourself. You are another myself. Really? What happens to you happens to me. What happens to me happens to you. Really. A new cycle of experiments from the Commons Choir.
Martita Abril, Sylvestre Akakpo, Maximilian Balduzzi, Ilona Bito, Lydia Chrisman, Laura Colomban, Lacina Coulibaly, Daria Faïn, Shantelle Jackson, Robert Kocik, Randy Reeyes, Despina Stamos, Saúl Ulerio and Dov Tiefenbach (sound).

Movement Research at the Judson Church – November 9, 2015

Featuring works by Erin Hill, Yanghee Lee / The Limbo Project, Olivia Wingerath of Bridge & Olive Dance, Kathy Westwater


Radio Project (version 4)
Created by Erin Hill with Tracy Valcarcel Rodriguez, Molly Shea-Hannan, Rebecca Rehder and Ariane Dubé-Lavigne
Real and shining thanks to Michaela Gerussi and Kelly Keenan.


Yanghee Lee / The Limbo Project
Concept and Direction: Yanghee Lee
Performance and Creation in collaboration with: Alanna Coby, Megan Hanley and Yanghee Lee
Music: Ursula Bogner – Trabant


Ripped Off
Choreography and Performance by Olivia Wingerath
Music: “God Only Knows” by Cornelius, Voice samples edited by Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, “Bye” by Elliott Smith


Shake/Walk Workshop Performance
Choreography by Kathy Westwater with the performers
Music by Mary Jane Leach
Performance by Karina Almeida, Karesia Batan, Ilona Bito, Marsi Burns, Philip Ellis Foster, Juliana Garber, Monica Germann, Emily Giovine, Leanna Grennan, Judah Levenson, Elena Rose Light, Sarah Locar, Andy Miyamotto, Katiana Rangel, Camila Arroyo Romero, Jim Salerno, Mercedes Searer, and Rainey White
This work is the culmination of the Movement Research Shake/Walk Workshop, November 2-9, 2015.
Special thanks to Amanda Loulaki, Barbara Bryan, and the entire staff and crew of Movement Research.

Movement Research at the Judson Church – November 2, 2015

Featuring works by Karen Bernard, seymour::dancecollective, Erica Ricketts, Marcos Duran Performance Group


Repurpose, Recycle: Vinyl Retro
Creation: Karen Bernard
Performers: Barbara Mahler and Karen Bernard
Sound Score: John Jacob Courtney

Special thanks to Jil Guyon and LiftOff


Choreography: Chafin Seymour in collaboration with the performers
Performers: David Glista, Cameron McKinney, Sean Roel Nederlof
Music: Octo Octa, Father John Misty, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, DJ Dodger Stadium, & Action Bronson
Sound Design: Chafin Seymour


Direction: Erica Ricketts
Performance: Stuart Hannon and Erica Ricketts

“A Solo Voice” is an investigation of extended vocal techniques, resonance and pure expression, exploring the relationship between mind and body and the various landscapes it can yield. Through multidimensionality that serves to both provoke and soothe in abstract communication, the voice is presented in its spectrum of natures as it travels with tender intimacy and bold aberrance.


Worlds and Plateaus (excerpts)
Directed and Choreographed by Marcos Duran
Performed by Desira Barnes, Ariane Bernier, Randy Burd, Marcos Duran, Kara Mahaney, Joanna Nobbe, Emily Vetsch
Original Music by Adam J. Lahm
Costumes by Marcos Duran Performance Group

Movement Research at the Judson Church – October 19, 2015

Featuring works by Molly Heller in collaboration with Netta Yerushalmy, Melanie Greene, Odeya Nini and Reyes Dance


Choreography and Performance: Molly Heller and Netta Yerushalmy
Music: Michael Wall
Costumes: Molly Heller and Netta Yerushalmy


Beautiful Decay
Choreographed by: Melanie Greene in collaboration with the dancers
Performed by: Melanie Greene, Maxine Montilus, Alicia Raquel, Ali Salas, and Italy Welton
Music: Antonin Dvorak, Vivaldi (Dubstep, Polar remix), Max Richter


A Solo Voice
Choreographed and Performed by: Odeya Nini

“A Solo Voice” is an investigation of extended vocal techniques, resonance and pure expression, exploring the relationship between mind and body and the various landscapes it can yield. Through multidimensionality that serves to both provoke and soothe in abstract communication, the voice is presented in its spectrum of natures as it travels with tender intimacy and bold aberrance.


Choreographer/Director: Gilbert Reyes
Performers: Camilla Davis and Gilbert Reyes
Music: The Best Time Composed by Gilbert Reyes

Movement Research at the Judson Church – October 5, 2015

Featuring works by I AM A BOYS CHOIR, Xan Burley and Alex Springer / the Median Movement and Mårten Spångberg

but now i’m feeling it even more
by Chris DeVita with Kate Attwell and her texts //


You being Me being You and the Eye
Choreography & Performance: Xan Burley + Alex Springer
Sound: Will Owen

Made possible by a Space Grant from Gibney Dance. Special thanks to Quentin Burley, Cesar Cordova, Katherine Ferrier, Imani Nia Foster, Natália Karam, the McGraw kids, Marian Passafaro, Alex Plaskey, Austin Selden, Mark Springer, Nathan Whiting, and Sofia Zalaquett for their generous contributions to the research process.


Mårten Spångberg: 15min, The Fastest Planet
With and by: Philip E. Foster, Monica Germann, Leanna Grennan, Tuva Hildebrand Peterson, Nikima Jagudajev, Dages Keates Juvelier, Karolina Kraczkowska, Stephanie Lee, Judah Levenson, Mor Mendel, Rebecca Posner, Randy Reyes, Chloe Rossetti, Lily Bo Shapiro, Alix Steeves, Kristin Swiat, Rainey White, Cesar Reyes, Dariana Sanchez, Mårten Spångberg, Gillian Walsh

The truly passionate archeologist does not worship objects extracted from earth but worship the earth itself. Not the world, not earth but the planet – in it self, in its most anonymous. The Planet is an ongoing proposal that examines the ownership and the rights to land beyond perspectives, beyond humans, nations, faith and belief.

Where stones move, where oil dances, where a pair of jeans are equally important as something else, a person, a flame, combinations or a windmill. Where time knows no distance and distance doesn’t know at all, and still it’s happening. We think that’s it to begin but only what we think because there is also flowers, somebody, many instances, the things you use when playing ice-hockey. Langoustine or perhaps one for the road. Those are the planet. Always.

Movement Research at the Judson Church – September 28, 2015

Featuring works by Launch Movement Experiment, Rosalind Goldberg, Jasmine Hearn and Marc Arthur


Launch Movement Experiment
Movement: Rachel Mckinstry
Lighting: Andy Dickerson
Sound: Layton Weedeman


Research presentation – Jump with me!
With Rosalind Goldberg

The last couple of weeks I have started research on jumping. I have been structuring a practice through which I will investigate relations through the action of jumping. It is a preparation for the upcoming production ‘Jump with me!’ a work that will be made for 4 dancers.
Tonight I am alone and I will jump a collection of poems for you.


claudette [an excerpt from memory keep(h)er]
Choreography and performance: Jasmine Hearn
Story: Claudette Johnson
Music: Debussy, Nina Simone and jhon stronks


Color After Language
Choreographed and directed by Marc Arthur
Dancers: Ryan Lawrence and Charles P. Way

Movement Research at the Judson Church – September 21, 2015

Featuring works by Taja Lindley, Sari Nordman, Jen Rosenblit and Venus

Tough, mysterious, sensitive
Choreography & Performance by Sari Nordman
Music: Es project
Made possible at rehearsal residencies at Bearnstow and Loimaan Taidetalo, Finland


Clap Hands
A new project by Jen Rosenblit with Addys Gonzalez, Effie Bowen, Andy Kobilka aka Dj Snoggybox.
Tonight’s research is performed by Effie Bowen with a script read by Emma Hedditch and directed by Jen Rosenblit.


see yourself when
Performed by Venus


Love Me Good
Performed and Choreographed by Taja Lindley
Music: “Be My Husband” by Nina Simone
Sound Design: Lolo Haha

This piece is dedicated to Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby – two young Black lesbian women in a romantic relationship who were brutally murdered. In March 2014 their bodies were found bludgeoned behind a dumpster in Port Bolivar, Texas. James Larry Cosby, Brittney Cosby’s father, is the suspect of their murders.

Movement Research at the Judson Church – September 14, 2015

Featuring works by Barbie Diewald, Alina Ruiz Folini, Kensaku Shinohara and Angela Goh


Chair, table, miracle, ecstasy (work in progress)
Choreographed and Performed by Barbie Diewald


Performers: Alina Ruiz Folini – José Corral
Voice: Phoebe Osborne / Kathryn Trigg
Music: Pablo Verón
Concept: Alina Ruiz Folini
‘Map’ was created in collaboration with José Corral.

Togetherness is a performative practice that seeks to investigate how to be with others.
It is based in the potency of the movement as a language, using repetition as a provocation to discover what is new.

This iteration was made possible by Dance OMI 2015 – Omi International Arts Center and AIR Chez Bushwick.
Thank you Salvatore Cataldo and Christopher K. Morgan.


Choreography/performance: Kensaku Shinohara


Predictable Dances
Choreographed and Performed by Angela Goh

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