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Studies Project: Movement Research Festival Fall 2013: Performing Vulnerability

Movement Research Festival Fall 2013 Studies Project: Performing Vulnerability

Adrienne Truscott with panelists: niv Acosta, Ben Asriel, Hilary Clark, Miguel Gutierrez and Juliana May

Jimmy’s 43, December 4, 2013 as part of Movement Research’s Festival Fall 2013 “Le Song, Ya?!” curated by Adrienne Truscott and Jibz Cameron (Dynasty Handbag)

Listen to the Podcast here:

This Studies Project revolved around the questions: What does it mean to be vulnerable in performance? Is vulnerability a state or can it be “done?”

Note: At about 53 minutes into the conversation there is a short missing section due to technical difficulties.

The Week Ahead: December 2 – 8

This Week at Movement Research…

Performances and Events:



December 5 THURSDAY 8pm
Nao Bustamante + Martha Wilson
Zoe Coombs-Maar + Ishmael Houston-Jones
Jade Gordon + Alexandro Segade
Alicia McDaid + Nikki Zialcita

December 6 FRIDAY 8pm
Kate Berlant + Sophia Cleary
Sacha Yanow
Greg Zuccolo

December 7 SATURDAY 8pm
Effie Bowen + Zari Esaian
Cole Escola + Jenn Harris
Colin Self + Julia Crockett

Upcoming Workshops and Events…
with Alexandro Segade
December 2 MON 8pm
Boy Band Audition explores pop cultural vernaculars through improvised song, dance and performance. Fusing music videos, science fiction and improvisatory theater techniques, participants will explore group identity, create alter egos, and design a plan for attaining utopia, if not now, then at least in the future.
with Adrienne Truscott and Jibz Cameron
December 3 TUE 11am-1pm
A hyper-aerobic, sweaty, instructional, conceptual dance party designed to work out your psychic fat blockage and tone up supersensory abz. While living your spandex dreams and looking real.
Studies Project: We Came To This City To Shit On A Stage
December 3 TUE 6pm
Gibney Dance Center
How do we make, define, notice ‘transgressive’ art in a city whose identity, economy and landscape are increasingly manicured, welcoming, mainstream, highly visible and inaccessible?
Studies Project: Performing Vulnerability
Moderated by Adrienne Truscott
December 4 WED 6pm
Jimmy’s No. 43, 43 East 7th St (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
Panelists: niv Acosta, Ben Asriel, Hilary Clark, Miguel Gutierrez, Juliana May
What does it mean to be vulnerable in performance? Is vulnerability a state or can it be “done?”
Ongoing Classes (click here for full descriptions)
Janet Panetta. Ballet for Contemporary Dancers.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12:00pm-2:00pm. $17.
Movement Research at Gibney Dance Center, 890 Broadway

Joanna Kotze. Klein Technique™ – Sub for Mahler.
Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Irene Dowd. Neuromuscular Preparation for Dance. 
Tuesday 3:00pm – 4:45pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Allison Foley. Alexander Technique.
Wednesday 12:30-2:00 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Ted Johnson. Contact Improvisation.
Wednesday 6pm – 8:30 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Karl Anderson. Skinner Releasing Technique™ (Introductory level). 
Wednesday 7:00pm – 10:00pm. $14.
Randy Warshaw Studio, 115 Wooster St., #2F.

K.J. Holmes. Athletics of Intimacy.
Saturday 11:00pm – 1:00pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

The Underscore.
Alternately Facilitated by Zena Bibler, Sara Genoves-Sylvan, Chisa Hidaka, Emma Hoette, Elise Knudson, Lucy Mahler. 

Sunday 5:00-8:00pm. $5.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Critical Correspondence – March 2010

Hello all on this beautiful Tuesday morning. It has been a busy few weeks and the CC team has been typing at full speed to bring you words from some of the great artists that make up this community. This month we have published six interviews! We have contributions from Meg Wolfe, Juliana May, koosil-ja, Meg Stuart and Trajal Harrell on Auf den Tisch! (Performa 09) and Kathy Westwater. Each of these featured artists have been interviewed about their processes and thoughts in regards to their most recent work.

CC has also published two new projects. One involves choreographers Karen Ivy ad Colleen Leonardi. Read what these women have to say on “knowledge in dance.” The published discussion is the first of many more to come. And last, but not least What Sustains You? is a new project that asks specific artists what sustains them as artists/people as they work in ways to transform structures and relationships. This month CC interviewed Justine Lynch. Watch a short video and listen to What Sustains Justine Lynch? and her theories on money as a collaboration with energy. If you are interested in being interviewed for the What Sustains You? project or have someone(s) in mind who you’d like to hear from, let us know at

Be well people,
The Critical Correspondence Team

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