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Movement Research at the Judson Church – November 2, 2015

Featuring works by Karen Bernard, seymour::dancecollective, Erica Ricketts, Marcos Duran Performance Group


Repurpose, Recycle: Vinyl Retro
Creation: Karen Bernard
Performers: Barbara Mahler and Karen Bernard
Sound Score: John Jacob Courtney

Special thanks to Jil Guyon and LiftOff


Choreography: Chafin Seymour in collaboration with the performers
Performers: David Glista, Cameron McKinney, Sean Roel Nederlof
Music: Octo Octa, Father John Misty, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, DJ Dodger Stadium, & Action Bronson
Sound Design: Chafin Seymour


Direction: Erica Ricketts
Performance: Stuart Hannon and Erica Ricketts

“A Solo Voice” is an investigation of extended vocal techniques, resonance and pure expression, exploring the relationship between mind and body and the various landscapes it can yield. Through multidimensionality that serves to both provoke and soothe in abstract communication, the voice is presented in its spectrum of natures as it travels with tender intimacy and bold aberrance.


Worlds and Plateaus (excerpts)
Directed and Choreographed by Marcos Duran
Performed by Desira Barnes, Ariane Bernier, Randy Burd, Marcos Duran, Kara Mahaney, Joanna Nobbe, Emily Vetsch
Original Music by Adam J. Lahm
Costumes by Marcos Duran Performance Group

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, December 5, 2011

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, December 5, 2011.

Featuring works by Karen Bernard, Laurie Berg **, Jo Pollit and Rhiannon Newton, Melanie Maar.

** 2010 Movement Research Artist-In-Residence

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