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Movement Research at the Judson Church – February 9, 2015


Featuring works by Anthony Romero, Asimina Chremos & Jonathan Pfeffer, Lauren Ree Slone, and Tyler Ashley 


None of us are the pilot. We are all passengers.
Written, Choreographed, and Performed by Anthony Romero


Created and performed by Asimina Chremos and Jonathan Pfeffer
Technical consultation for LED device by Maximillian Lawrence


207 ideas in 15 minutes OR Tonight I Am Not Sorry For What I Do
Choreography and Performance: Lauren Ree Slone
Sound: Lauren Ree Slone sourced and remixed samples from Keith Fullerton Whitman’s 2010 album “Generator.”

These ideas are completely indebted to the contributions of Kristen Bernier, Megan Callaghan, and Mary Schindler.


Excerpt from KIDNAP ME
Directed and Conceived by Tyler Ashley
Choreographed in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Aranzazu Araujo, Tyler Ashley, McSherry, Rakia Seaborn, and Shane Shane.
Music from Julius Eastman’s album “Unjust Malaise”


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