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Medical Report

One thing that I’ve always found somewhat objectionable about blogs is their tendency to be lead to so much navel gazing. As if the performance art world needs more of that. HOWEVER … now that the season has begun and everyone is back to school I did want to take this opportunity to bring people up-to-date on one of my summer “activities.” I realized waiting in the lobby at Miguel Gutierrez’ wonderful (and sold out) show that many people had not seen me since a certain medical emergency had befallen me and rumors were swirling. So, in order to squash those rumors I’m submitting my medical discharge report from New York Down Town hospital. The upshot is that, nothing was found out, it was likely a one-time episode and most importantly, I, like many of you, am without health insurance. Suddenly those idiots screaming “socialist” at town hall meetings take on a whole new meaning.

Anyway, for your fall reading pleasure:

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