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Critical Correspondence – March 2010

Hello all on this beautiful Tuesday morning. It has been a busy few weeks and the CC team has been typing at full speed to bring you words from some of the great artists that make up this community. This month we have published six interviews! We have contributions from Meg Wolfe, Juliana May, koosil-ja, Meg Stuart and Trajal Harrell on Auf den Tisch! (Performa 09) and Kathy Westwater. Each of these featured artists have been interviewed about their processes and thoughts in regards to their most recent work.

CC has also published two new projects. One involves choreographers Karen Ivy ad Colleen Leonardi. Read what these women have to say on “knowledge in dance.” The published discussion is the first of many more to come. And last, but not least What Sustains You? is a new project that asks specific artists what sustains them as artists/people as they work in ways to transform structures and relationships. This month CC interviewed Justine Lynch. Watch a short video and listen to What Sustains Justine Lynch? and her theories on money as a collaboration with energy. If you are interested in being interviewed for the What Sustains You? project or have someone(s) in mind who you’d like to hear from, let us know at

Be well people,
The Critical Correspondence Team

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