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Town Hall 2014


An email from Development Manager Diana Crum to the Movement Research Artist Advisory Council

On 8/19/14 4:10 PM, “diana crum”  wrote:

Dear AAC –

The TOWN HALL is coming. Here’s a proposal … in the past, some of you have expressed interest in mimicking the format of our AAC meeting discussions in the Town Hall. What if each of you picked out one or two items from past meeting minutes? We could put a table in Eden’s and invite everyone to sit at the table. Each of you could read an item from the minutes as an anonymous comment (i.e. you’d read something that is not necessarily your idea). This would bring in the idea of performance … you’d be performing past conversations. Attendees could pick up the conversation where you leave off. So it would also open up your discussions to the greater public. And you can all bring your ideas to the table; we don’t have to limit the conversation to one topic. What do you think?


Movement Research Town Hall Meeting


Movement Research Town Hall Meeting. Tuesday September 21 at 8pm, Judson Memorial Church

Join Movement Research and its Artist Advisory Council as we revive the Movement Research Town Hall Meeting. 32 years since the founding of Movement Research and the coining of its name, we invite our whole community to come together to discuss what the concept of ‘movement research’ means to us today. What are we researching? What is the form of that research, what does it require and how is it shared, accessible, or made legible? Panelists will kickstart the evening by introducing sub-topics related to dance, movement-based performance, and choreographic practice as research. Please come share your ideas.

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photo: by  Martin Lanz

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