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I hope everyone is surviving (and thriving) in this hot summer city. Meanwhile, I have saved perhaps the most difficult book for last.


The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory, edited by Theodore R. Schatzki, Karen Knorr Cetina, and Eike von Savigny (Routledge, 2001) is a collection of essays on practice from the perspective of social theory. This means that, although many of its examples are drawn from embodied practice — some even from the performing arts — it is most of all concerned with practice in the broadest sense: “fighting together, hunting together, sailing together, singing together, even, in the present-day world, doing science together” (25).

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Masculinity and Embodied Practice

Video with interview and clips from the symposium.

Thanks to Ivo for making this video!

Ben Spatz
Artistic Director
Urban Research Theater
MR-AIR 2010-2012

Polemic: “vocabulary”

The idea that performance work is based on a “vocabulary” of movements or gestures may be useful in some contexts but is also problematic and fundamentally misleading.

Technique is not language. Technique shares some similarities with language, but using language as a metaphor for embodied technique (as many people do) leaves out a huge aspect of technique and collapses the essential differences between performance and writing.

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Call for proposals: MASCULINITY AND EMBODIED PRACTICE. Proposals due June 12, 2010.

Urban Research Theater,  in partnership with the Movement Research Studies Project Series, will host a Symposium on

at Medicine Show Theater, 549 West 52nd Street

Submit your proposal now! Proposals are due by June 12, 2010.

Click here for full description and proposal guidelines:

Practice and Research

I’m in a “practice-based research” program, but a friend at another school said that that modality is old-school, which is why she chose a “practice-led research” program.

Why the persistence of duality between practice and research?

Especially in my dance practice, if there’s one thing my body is doing, it’s research.

I need more research.

Jillian Peña, 2009 MR artist-in-residence,, i love you

What if “I” is outside of “me”?

I question the nature of my conscious whole-body experience of reality.   Questions help me keep my senses open, awake, vital, alive, and in love…I practice performance by practicing playing awake. I feel awake when “I” is not dominating “my” thoughts or field of view.  I feel vital when reflections surface in a world I am able to directly experience.  I feel alive when I receive a sense of self from my perceptions of a phenomenal world.  I feel meaningful when meaning fills me.  I feel love when “I” acknowledge “we”.

For the sake of whimsy, reverie, and poetry…

How can a drinking vessel never thirst?…Break it’s form and allow it to sink to the bottom of the ocean…

I am so looking forward to experiencing this festival!

Motivation #1

For the past two years I have been devoting my creative energy to harvesting, remembering, and performing movement based on encounters with my environment. I began this pursuit for many reasons, yet the primary motivation was the desire to build a more-detailed, visceral map of the world through direct experience.

My art practice has recently taken another step forward with the development of the Somatic Natural History Archive. My interactions with different environments has become more focused, as I explore how specific plants and animals express themselves in relationship to their particular environmental contexts.

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sound in-between

I am in Stoninngton, CT for my friend Jennie’s residency here at Dragon’s Egg.

First thing I realized when I got into this beautifully isolated space was

that how much I can “hear” more and live in the sound I hear.

I was able to hear more, because I was able to freely make sound.

Freely let the sound happen.

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the tangible tangle

Tangled from inside out.

Tangled away.


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pain saver

With this recent injury on my left ankle,

I started thinking…Maybe we “feel” more because we have “pain”.

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