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Difference Between Essays And Research Reports

Unfortunately there’s no sure-fire method of writing a college entrance essay. In the event your topic has numerous factors, then a very helpful essay writing essaywriting suggestion is constantly to thin it down to your particular area, and make sure that you describe this i Read the rest of this entry »

Studies Project: Movement Research Festival Fall 2013: Performing Vulnerability

Movement Research Festival Fall 2013 Studies Project: Performing Vulnerability

Adrienne Truscott with panelists: niv Acosta, Ben Asriel, Hilary Clark, Miguel Gutierrez and Juliana May

Jimmy’s 43, December 4, 2013 as part of Movement Research’s Festival Fall 2013 “Le Song, Ya?!” curated by Adrienne Truscott and Jibz Cameron (Dynasty Handbag)

Listen to the Podcast here:

This Studies Project revolved around the questions: What does it mean to be vulnerable in performance? Is vulnerability a state or can it be “done?”

Note: At about 53 minutes into the conversation there is a short missing section due to technical difficulties.

Practice and Research

I’m in a “practice-based research” program, but a friend at another school said that that modality is old-school, which is why she chose a “practice-led research” program.

Why the persistence of duality between practice and research?

Especially in my dance practice, if there’s one thing my body is doing, it’s research.

I need more research.

Jillian Peña, 2009 MR artist-in-residence,, i love you

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