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Movement Research at the Judson Church – January 19, 2015

Featuring works by Robert Daniel Holmes Maynard, Anya Cloud and Eric Geiger, Gerald Casel, Gwen Welliver


Ave Bambi / the last rites
Performed and Choreographed by: Robert Daniel Holmes Maynard
Music: “Like a Prayer” – Madonna; “Monument” -Röyksopp & Robyn
Costumes: Shay Bares

This piece is one section of a larger work influenced by pop culture, trance cults, drag queens, and the religion of the nightclub.


Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow

In Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow we take on epic-ness, elegance, being lazy-sexy (but more lazy than sexy), intelligent recklessness, and reversibility. Love and trust are central to this work.


Splinters in our Ankles (work-in-progress*)
Choreography by Gerald Casel
Performed by Arletta Anderson, Kristen Bell, Christina Briggs-Winslow, Rebecca Chaleff, Peiling Kao, and Parker Murphy
Live, original music by Tim Russell

*Inspired by tropes not usually addressed when regarding the Filipino folk dance Tinikling (i.e. colonized bodies, performed resistance, and cultural amnesia), this evening-length work will premiere in December in San Francisco. Special thanks to Margaret Jenkins for her mentorship during the development of this work.


What a Horse! (work in progress excerpt)
Directed by: Gwen Welliver
Created by: Gwen Welliver, Stuart Singer, and Claire Westby
Performed by: Stuart Singer and Claire Westby
Composer: Jake Meginsky


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