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‘the one who can see the bird in the sea, sees the fish on the tree’. (unknown source, maybe you know?)

Not only is reflection a current theme for this week but a fish on a tree is Glasgow’s Coat of Arms, the city from where I’m now typing. It’s International Women’s Day this coming Tuesday and my friends Ruth Janssen and Judith Williams have organised a day filled with 100 different performances and events at The Tramway. The piece I’m involved in features a screen that divides the space in two and is projected on. The movement that has been generated the past fortnight in the studio honours a kind of distortion as phrases are broken and turned around, reversed and translated through our individual bodies.

On reflection of an aspect of my experience of Movement Research I realised in one of my classes with Michelle Boule the sheer joy of sharing a sequence of movement in space. It is like leaves whispering in the wind, a common intention that is propelling us all but each of a reflection of another. Relaxing into and noticing with awareness the differences and most of all accommodating them, finding space not only within the movement material but between us in the shared space of the room that is holding us. Pure bliss!

That’s my thought for the day, until next week. Oh wait, it is next week already!

Rosalind Masson (former MR intern)

Calling MR, do you read me?

I must say I am a little nervous as I’ve never really done anything like this before. I’ve posted on blogs but never one that anyone would read! I guess I should introduce myself…I am Rosalind and I feel very far away from New York. I was an intern at Movement Research from Jan to March 2009 (cut short because I didn’t have a 6 month visa). My trip to the States then seemed so exotic because I’d never really been anywhere where you have an expiry date. It made everything seem so heightened. Up till that point most of my travels had been in Europe where I have the privilege for as staying as long as I want since I was born in the UK. Right now I’m in Edinburgh because I’m working on a project here for Woman’s International Day but my home is in Berlin. I re-located there about a year ago. When Rebecca W contacted me she gave a suggestion of a thread of blog being how MR carries into and/or effects my current life. For me there are so many extraordinary ways that this happens. I hope to share them during the course of the month. However for now I’ll leave you with a short clip of a piece I made recently with composer Jan Hendrickse  for a festival in Glasgow called Sound Thought. The working process lasted for four days and I felt it was one of the more successful short projects I’ve been involved in. We’re hoping to develop it in Berlin this April with a residency at Grimmuseum. I know, sounds Grim.

I wanted to add, if anyone wants to ask me any specific questions about what it’s like to live and work in Europe please do! I am happy to help with any queries.

Tape Piece

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