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Genesis Project Artist Interview #1: Carlos Monroy

The following interview took place on August 20th, 2009, between Carlos Monroy (2009 Genesis Project Artist-in-Residence) and Arturo Vidich and Aki Sasamoto (Culture Push co-directors). We conducted the interview via Skype chat, which we found to be an interesting medium between a transcribed recording and email correspondence. We sat at the same table.

Carlos MonroyAki Sasamoto: Ok, the first question:  What are you working on right now in the residency?

Carlos Monroy: I am doing some sculpture exercises and installations working with the other artists’ residues in the main studio. I am also doing a lot of photography and stop motion things… But actually I think  the best thing here is talking; having conversations with the guys and trying to figure out how we can work together, or just watching them work with each other. I find it amazing and I feel like it’s part of the work too.

Arturo Vidich: So a lot of the “work” is stuff that can float away– conversations, sculptures that get taken down in an hour. And stop motion is condensed time, a relic of an activity that is not the activity itself. The residue… Figuring out how to
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