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Moments from HARDCORPS

HARDCORPS is over, I’m in a different country–where to go from here? I’d like to use the next few days to reflect on some of the things that have stuck with me from the festival. What has survived my faulty memory, spotty notes, and jet lag? What moments are still lingering?

1. The sounds of Heather Kravas’ piece in the FREE RADICALS program at Abrons Arts on Thursday 6/3: a cowbell, 2 girls in clogs, and a metronome.

2. The discussion with W.A.G.E. artists and Lauren Cornell on Thursday 6/3 at Jimmy’s No. 43. “Re-performer B” shed some insight into the negotiations Marina’s re-performers had with MOMA. What did they get paid, anyway?

3. robbinschilds in the THEATER OF OPERATION program at CPR on Friday 6/4. The piece started off  grounded in a particular experience–a trip to Germany–and then slowly grew out of control, into the realm of imagination and allegory. I loved the rhythm of their unison: committed but somehow also accidental. They felt bound together by something larger than themselves, something so powerful that they had no choice but to accept its arbitrariness. 

4. The fun and discomfort of PERFORMANCE FOREVER at FACADE/FASAD on Saturday 6/5. I had to fight for every inch of space around me and I loved it. Also, let’s all try to have more tacos present at performance events, OK?

–Lydia, Spring Festival 2010 Blogger

Lydia Bell is a dance artist, teacher, and administrator based in Ridgewood, Queens.

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