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Where am I and why am I here?

Hi hi everyone! So when asked which month I wanted to blog at MR, I chose this month of February because I knew I’d be back in London for a bit, which would give me the time and space to reflect. I thought it would be particularly interesting given my relationship to the dance community here, which is NO relationship.

When I first moved here, fall 2007, to start my PhD at Goldsmiths, I was visiting friends in Brussels and was out to dinner with a couple of PARTS faculty. I asked them about dance in London—if they knew people whose work I should see, or classes I should go to, etc. They both laughed, exchanged glances with each other, then turned back to me, “London!!! Why are you there? No, we don’t know anyone there.”

So although I tend to ignore dance while I’m here (other than in my studio and in my dreams), I’m curious to look at this issue and see where it comes from. Is it just snobbery, or is it warranted? What are the differences in the London and the New York dance community? Why is my work in one and not the other?

Jillian Peña, 2009 MR artist-in-residence,, i love you

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