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Movement Research at the Judson Church – February 16, 2015


Featuring works by Elina Lutce, I AM A BOYS CHOIR, Cesar Reyes Lopez, and The Lovelies 


An idea from the solo performance “corpuss”
Choreographed and performed by Elina Lutce
Music by: Stromae


“or how i became an ice princess” (work in progress; excerpt)
Created by I AM A BOYS CHOIR
Performers: Adam Rigg, Kate D’Arcus Attwell, Chris DeVita
Music sourced from Tonya Harding’s routine at State America 1991 and Brittney Spears


This is not a dance (No-dance / Anti-dance)
Company: Teatro del Cuerpo
Creator/Performer: Cesar Reyes Lopez
Music: Random radio stations tuned on real time


The End Begins in the Middle
Performers: Annie Duffy, Joanna Futral, Lena Lauer, Katie Vason, Keeley Walsh
Musician: Marike van Dijk


Movement Research at the Judson Church – February 9, 2015


Featuring works by Anthony Romero, Asimina Chremos & Jonathan Pfeffer, Lauren Ree Slone, and Tyler Ashley 


None of us are the pilot. We are all passengers.
Written, Choreographed, and Performed by Anthony Romero


Created and performed by Asimina Chremos and Jonathan Pfeffer
Technical consultation for LED device by Maximillian Lawrence


207 ideas in 15 minutes OR Tonight I Am Not Sorry For What I Do
Choreography and Performance: Lauren Ree Slone
Sound: Lauren Ree Slone sourced and remixed samples from Keith Fullerton Whitman’s 2010 album “Generator.”

These ideas are completely indebted to the contributions of Kristen Bernier, Megan Callaghan, and Mary Schindler.


Excerpt from KIDNAP ME
Directed and Conceived by Tyler Ashley
Choreographed in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Aranzazu Araujo, Tyler Ashley, McSherry, Rakia Seaborn, and Shane Shane.
Music from Julius Eastman’s album “Unjust Malaise”


Movement Research at the Judson Church – January 26, 2015

Featuring works by Elina Lutce and Jane Gotch



An idea from the solo performance “corpuss”
Choreographed and performed by: Elina Lutce
Music by: Stromae



Let it Fall
Choreographer: Jane Gotch in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Leo Gayden and Juliet Remmers
Vocalist: Juliet Remmers
Music: “Terry Riley: In C” recorded by Bang on A Can All-Stars, “O del mio dolce ardor” by Gluck
Costumes: Johanna Gee and Jane Gotch

The creation of this piece has been made possible through a space grant from The Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project, The 2014 Charlotte Street Foundation Generative Performing Artist Award, and an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council


Movement Research at the Judson Church – January 19, 2015

Featuring works by Robert Daniel Holmes Maynard, Anya Cloud and Eric Geiger, Gerald Casel, Gwen Welliver


Ave Bambi / the last rites
Performed and Choreographed by: Robert Daniel Holmes Maynard
Music: “Like a Prayer” – Madonna; “Monument” -Röyksopp & Robyn
Costumes: Shay Bares

This piece is one section of a larger work influenced by pop culture, trance cults, drag queens, and the religion of the nightclub.


Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow

In Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow we take on epic-ness, elegance, being lazy-sexy (but more lazy than sexy), intelligent recklessness, and reversibility. Love and trust are central to this work.


Splinters in our Ankles (work-in-progress*)
Choreography by Gerald Casel
Performed by Arletta Anderson, Kristen Bell, Christina Briggs-Winslow, Rebecca Chaleff, Peiling Kao, and Parker Murphy
Live, original music by Tim Russell

*Inspired by tropes not usually addressed when regarding the Filipino folk dance Tinikling (i.e. colonized bodies, performed resistance, and cultural amnesia), this evening-length work will premiere in December in San Francisco. Special thanks to Margaret Jenkins for her mentorship during the development of this work.


What a Horse! (work in progress excerpt)
Directed by: Gwen Welliver
Created by: Gwen Welliver, Stuart Singer, and Claire Westby
Performed by: Stuart Singer and Claire Westby
Composer: Jake Meginsky


Movement Research at the Judson Church – January 12, 2015

 Featuring works by Joanna Kotze, Neil Greenberg, Jen McGinn, Burr Johnson, and Yasuko Yokoshi



Choreography: Joanna Kotze in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Jonathan Allen, Zachary Fabri, Joanna Kotze, Andria Morales, Stuart Singer, Netta Yerushalmy
Visual design: Jonathan Allen, Zachary Fabri, Asuka Goto
Composer/Sound designer: Ryan Seaton

FIND YOURSELF HERE, a collaboration between three dancers and three visual artists, is being presented by American Dance Institute (ADI) in April and will have its New York premiere in September.

FIND YOURSELF HERE is made possible in part by a 2014 Jerome Foundation general grant during the foundation’s 50th Anniversary year. FIND YOURSELF HERE is also made possible in part by a 2014 New York Foundation for the Arts BUILD grant, a 2014 LMCC Process Space artist residency (, and by The Movement Research Artist-in-Residence Program, funded, in part, by the Jerome Foundation and the Davis/Dauray Family Fund. Various stages of investigative movement research and showings of three trios that form the informational foundation of FIND YOURSELF HERE were supported by residencies at the Bogliasco Foundation, Djerassi and Baryshnikov Arts Center (with additional support from the Martha Duffy Award), a Yellow House Educational Stipend, and in part by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). This work also continues to be supported my many individual contributions.


this solo
Choreographed and performed by: Neil Greenberg
Music by: Steve Roden
Costume by: James Kidd Studio

this solo was made as preliminary research toward the evening-length quartet This, which premiered at New York Live Arts in December.

Thanks to Andrew Dinwiddie, Caleb Hammons and Jeff Larson, curators of Catch, the multidisciplinary performance series in which a draft of “this solo” was first performed.


The Malady at Sea: 15 poses for 15 minutes
Choreography: Jen McGinn
Performance: Kristen Bernier, Ana Fiore, Emma Geisdorf, Megan Kendzior, Cassidy Samelian
Music: ISTD Cecchetti Ballet Syllabus Exercises

This work was created, in part, with a space grant from BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange with support from the New York State Council on the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


material for a sextet
Choreographed and performed by Burr Johnson


ZERO ONE (in development)
Creation: Yasuko Yokoshi
Choreography: Yasuko Yokoshi with Manami Fukuoka, Sawami Fukuoka
Performance: Manami Fukuoka, Sawami Fukuoka
Technical Direction: Ichiro Awazu and So Ozaki
Lighting Design: Masakazu Ito (RYU)
Costume Design: Akiko Iwasaki
Production Management: MAPP International Productions (USA) and Yoko Kawasaki (Japan)


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