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Movement Research at the Judson Church – March 23, 2015


Featuring works by Caitlin Cook, Betty Skeen, WKcollective/Wanjiru Kamuyu, and Noopur Singha 


Health Dance/pt. 2, Sunne
Choreographer: Caitlin Cook
Performers: Jessie Gold, Parker Lutz, Paige Martin, Greg Zuccolo
Sound: Tranquil Birdsong, Lewellyn
Set/Costumes: Caitlin Cook


The Evening is Wearing, Darling
Choreography, text, and costume design: Betty Skeen
Dancers: Bethany Disque, Allie Harris
Music and Sound: Lauren Burke, Eric Carmen – “Sunrise”


At the moment of encounter
Choreographer and performer Wanjiru Kamuyu
Music (original composition and arrangement): Jean Philippe Barrios, alias lacrymoboy
Album available on iTunes and Bandcamp, artiste lacrymoboy

This work’s development began during a Blank Canvas artist residency at The Firkin Crane in Cork, Ireland, August 2014. While serving as a Guest Artist at Mills College (Oakland CA), I continue to explore and develop At the moment of encounter. A Production Residency is scheduled for May 11-17, 2015 at Mills College’s Lisser Theater.

Synopsis: The intrigue lies in how meditatively stillness, working from the internal through to the external, creating a progressive shift of dynamics while playing with the ideas of suspension, repetition, and variations on a movement theme can draw in both performer and witness (audience).


stigma scripture
Choreographed by: Noopur Singha
Performed by: Jessica Cook, Shoko Yamamuro, Noopur Singha
Music by: Greg Kramer, Merzbow


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