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Enjambre 1.1

We come together – we really like to. As we all experience and are aware of, a great deal of coming together can sort of happen via virtual mediums. Not only that, but in preparation to come together, we deal and wheel through distances and time zones, and when we do come together, we are still each apart (and a part). Being a part of something larger, being perhaps a potentially equal part of something larger, being a participant, being a beneficiary, being a self-promoter and/or a self-initiator… (Are these the goal or means to a goal?)

We began by looking at mobility – the wanting it, the difficulties in getting it, and the organizing around both. The coming together keeps being central, life giving. Self-organization through artists networks, like Sweet and Tender and Embassy of or the community of, with ? members, are examples of close-to-home networks we are interested in investigating more closely: How are they working? How successfully are they at bringing together? (Is this really the criteria we want to analyze them by?)

We want to conduct this investigation as a practice and in the flesh, though we want to also connect beyond the immediacy of our location and time, and we want to leave a trace that can be re-trace by others. Space and time – “networking” lives in that same intersection of x=space and y=time as movement, live performance and life itself.

There are big networks and small ones. Inside some there are other units—a smaller networks contained within. These usually are the more efficient ones—maybe we can take/share their mechanisms. That’s why we are inviting a diverse community to participate in this project—to have as many tools as possible to work with.

We want to conduct this practice in an open source kind of way – with temporary structures to enter and exit from, created by and with all present. Perhaps our game plans can produce a visual or an experiential picture of our particular network behavior, and we can use that to look at other networks. At the least we can expand our network or its potential through the representation and documentation of our experiences. A population of networks will coalesce and be reflected in the space we provide through Movement Research’s Blog and Critical Correspondence. They will decide if an exchange is possible, desirable, productive, but they will know about each other.

-Martin Lanz, Choreographer, 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

can’t see the forest for the theater

There is a forest.  I enter the forest as it is in front of me, my path has led me here.  I didn’t expect it, or maybe I suspected this would happen and I have to go through it to get to where I have intended to go.  I forage my way, I forge my way, I find my way, I forest, I tree (at times) and at other (times) I am really just trying to get to where I think I need to go. I will find a path even if I have to make it. Maybe I stuff a few pine cones in my pockets and look up at the sky up there blue between high branches.  I really don’ t have time to lie down on mossy green under tree, but alright, for a moment, but I don’t want to get lost in time as I have somewhere to go.  I have to make something and the forest is just a way to get there.  I could have taken the car, I suppose, and rode along the path that has already been made, but I want to feel my body through my feet taking my eyes along for the ride, all my senses absorbing, walking, dodging low branches, stopping for wild animal sounds (oh, a squirrel) and see slants of sun.  But I do have to get to the other side, so Read the rest of this entry »

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