The Epilogue

Epilogue leads to legend.

Merrian Webster etymology:

Epilogue – to say in addition, from epi – + legein – to say – more at legend

Legend – to gather, select, read – (logos – speech, word, reason)

This afternoon is the last event of the MR Fall Festival.  I’m holding many days, hours, minutes of this past week of the happenings of Devotion/Rigor/Sustainability in me.  To say more about.  Words and the placement of them.  Choreography, occupying space.  Dance, not instead of.  Questions that collide with impressions.

Today’s Epilogue at 100 Grand is, as epilogues can be, not just a summarization of what has already occurred.  It is not explanation of past or determination of the future.  It exists in the moment as something in itself, a frame for the continuation of the beginning of the closing of a book, not just a chapter.

Come and read yourself into existence today, 2:30 – 5:30.

I’ll scribe on it, and other musings, later when I have added yet another punctuation to this time.

K.J. Holmes, Co-Curator, Facilitator, inventor

  • December 4th, 2011
  • Fall Fest2011

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