The Week Ahead. April 11-April 17, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…

Monday, April 11. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8pm. 55 Washington Square South.

Featuring works by Jen McGinn, Adrienne Westwood, Chase Granoff*, Mindy Toro

* Movement Research Artist in Residence 2010

Wednesday, April 13. Open Performance.
8pm. Location T.B.A.

Featuring works by Barbara Mahler, Dahlia Nayar, Katherine Moore, Cara Surico
Moderated by Anna Azrieli

Classes and Workshops.

Join us for classes with faculty: Barbara Mahler, K.J. Holmes, Irene Dowd, Ori Flomin, Cori Olinghouse, Luis Lara Malvacias

Barbara Mahler
Mondays April 11 – April 25
$18 per drop-in session
pre-register at

Technique Workshop
A slow movement workshop, for all levels, this class is based on the essential principles of the body and mind which make of up the foundation of Klein Technique. Its goal is to bridge the gap between the slow and focused depth of work done in the stretch and placement classes to moving and dancing. It will utilize and explain the relationship and importance of the pelvis in relationship to efficiency and clarity of movement and then weave together the important connections in the body to better facilitate clarity, articulation, and coordination for powerful and rich moving. Each session begins with a particular warm-up, which changes each week, and ends with moving across the floor to bring all the parts of the class together as a whole. It is recommended that drop-in students have had some experience with Klein Technique.,

To register for the workshop, visit

John Jasperse
Sunday April 17 2:30 pm-4:30 pm Eden’s Expressway
Sunday April 24 2:30 pm-5:30 pm Center for Performance Research
Saturday April 30 4:30 pm-8:30 pm Eden’s Expressway
pre-register at

In this workshop we will explore what matters to us and how we might work with those concerns in creating dance and performance. In order to do this in such a short time, in advance of the workshop, I need all participants to write me an email (details provided after registration) that lists one concern which doesn’t necessarily have any direct and obvious relationship to dance and performance as well as one concern that relates more directly to dance and performance specifically. It is crucial that these concerns are genuinely of interest to each of the participants as they will form the foundation of the workshop. From this list, we will generate and execute scores to experiment with in class. Concerns are due by April 11. If there is any confusion about this, I will attempt to resolve this with the individual participants over the next days. All participants will receive a full list of all the participants’ concerns by mid-week prior to session 1. In session 1 we will discuss the list of concerns and attempt to jointly make and try some scores in a democratic group process to physically work with in the studio that abstract these concerns. Between session 1 and 2 participants will be asked to continue this process with this list of concerns on their own. In Session 2 we will physically work in the studio with the scores individual participants have generated over the week, both as solos duets and groups. In session 3 we will work trying to compositionally co-relate explorations which emerged of interest to us in the first 2 sessions. Ideally all participants will commit to attending all three sessions. If this is impossible, participants must have attended prior sessions in order to come, i.e. you can take sessions 1 and 2 and not attend session 3, but you can’t attend session 3 if you haven’t attended sessions 1 and 2. Similarly, you can’t attend session 2 if you haven’t come to session 1.

To register for the workshop, visit


Mariangela Lopez
Sundays April 24 – May 15
$40 for whole workshop, $10 per drop-in session
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
pre-register at

This workshop is open to everyone interested in sharing movement experiences. We will practice: Listening to our instincts as movers, disregarding all preconceived ideas of how one “should” move in space. The participants will explore their own creative movement potential by releasing personal memories and perceptions of their own environment by utilizing the power of the group to build a collective experience. This workshop is about finding ways to make more visceral choices rather than intellectualizing the design of the body in the space. Is about experiencing the joy for moving and dancing to become totally physical and present, yet connected to our internal states.

Jim Clayburgh
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday April 26 – April 29
12:15-2:45 pm
$75 for whole workshop
Avenue C Studio
pre-register at

How to Talk to, Deal With, and Learn to Love/Hate Designers
Master Class with Jim Clayburgh. How to talk to, deal with, and learn to love/hate designers. Jim Clayburgh, scenographer, discusses his system that helps him “speak” with choreographers. In addition to his work with The Wooster Group, Mr. Clayburgh has designed theater pieces at the Salzburg Festival, Pepsico Festival, The New York Shakespeare Festival, The Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Creation Company, Mabou Mines and Second Stage including work directed by Richard Foreman, David Rabe, Des McAnuff, Wilford Leach, Matthew Maguire, Hal Hartley, Isabella Soupart, and Jeffrey M. Jones. He has designed lighting for dance pieces by Rosas, Compagnie Michele Anne de Mey, Compagnie Pierre Droulers, Joji Inc, Wim Vandekeybus, the musical Ensemble, Ictus and Walpurgis all Belgian companies, and as well for the Ballet de Geneve (Suisse), EN-KNAP (Slovenia). In opera, Mr. Clayburgh ‘s work includes “Aventures Nouvelles Adventures”of Ligeti, produced by the Monnaie/Munt on Brussels for which he conceived and co-directed with Pierre Droulers and designed the decor, lighting and costumes. Mr. Clayburgh designed the lighting for “Reppresentatione di Anima et di Corpo” of Cavalieri also at the Monnaie/Munt.

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