The Week Ahead. April 4-April 10, 2011.

This Week at Movement Research…


Monday, April 4. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8pm. 55 Washington Square South.

Featuring works by Katrina Erikson & Friends, Mariana Valencia/Rhinoceros Event, JoeLuv.

Wednesday, April 6. Open Performance.
8pm. DTW David R. White Studio at 219 West 19th Street.

Featuring works by Jess Grippo, Janet Werther, Sydney Schiff, Ben Spatz*.
Moderated by Miriam Wolf.

* Movement Research Artist in Residence 2010

Classes and Workshops.

Join us for classes with faculty: Barbara Mahler, K.J. Holmes, Tim O’Donnell, Stacy Spence, Irene Dowd, Ori Flomin, Cori Olinghouse.

Barbara Mahler
Mondays April 4 – April 25
$18 per drop-in session
pre-register at

Technique Workshop
A slow movement workshop, for all levels, this class is based on the essential principles of the body and mind which make of up the foundation of Klein Technique. Its goal is to bridge the gap between the slow and focused depth of work done in the stretch and placement classes to moving and dancing. It will utilize and explain the relationship and importance of the pelvis in relationship to efficiency and clarity of movement and then weave together the important connections in the body to better facilitate clarity, articulation, and coordination for powerful and rich moving. Each session begins with a particular warm-up, which changes each week, and ends with moving across the floor to bring all the parts of the class together as a whole. It is recommended that drop-in students have had some experience with Klein Technique.,

To register for the workshop, visit

Skinner Releasing Technique with Karl Anderson
Saturday April 9
Randy Warshaw Studio, 115 Wooster Street b/w Prince and Spring, buzzer 2F
$30 per class
register online at:

Skinner Releasing Technique
Think, feel, play. The Skinner Releasing Technique is a movement-based and imagery-based process of discovery. SRT enables one to discover their own mechanical logic, intuitive awareness, and personal imagistic realities. The intended long-term result of Skinner is a mature person who is a self-motivated and self-propelled critical thinker. The SRT pedagogy is highly structured and rigorous and yet the classes unravel within a sense of ease and mystery. Hands-on partner graphics, structured improvisations and guided imagery allow the student to find clarity within the physical self. In addition to becoming better movers and dancers, we happen upon empathy which in turn can lead to compassion. SRT classes are presented in a series and as part of an overall progression. However, each class will begin with brief reiterations from previous classes (if necessary). Therefore all of the Saturday intensives are open and ideal for newcomers to SRT. This is the introductory level series and so no prior experience with SRT is necessary. Drop-ins are totally welcome.


John Jasperse
Sunday April 17 2:30 pm-4:30 pm
Sunday April 24 2:30 pm-5:30 pm
Saturday April 30 4:30 pm-8:30 pm
Eden’s Expressway and Center for Performance Research

More Info Coming Soon! April 17 and April 30 at Eden’s Expressway, April 24 at CPR.

Mariangela Lopez
Sundays April 24 – May 15
$40 for whole workshop, $10 per drop-in session
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
pre-register at

This workshop is open to everyone interested in sharing movement experiences. We will practice: Listening to our instincts as movers, disregarding all preconceived ideas of how one “should” move in space. The participants will explore their own creative movement potential by releasing personal memories and perceptions of their own environment by utilizing the power of the group to build a collective experience. This workshop is about finding ways to make more visceral choices rather than intellectualizing the design of the body in the space. Is about experiencing the joy for moving and dancing to become totally physical and present, yet connected to our internal states.

To register for the workshop, visit

Photo:  Satoshi Haga by Ian Douglas

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