The Week Ahead. February 25-March 3.

This Week at Movement Research… Judson is back, and we have some AMAZING workshops coming up in March!

Monday February 25. Movement Research at the Judson Church.
8pm. Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South.

Seating is limited, so arrive early.
Featuring works by: koosil-ja, Chris Aiken & Ray Chung, Katia Castaneda Urzua*, Naomi Goldberg Hass

*2012  Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

Upcoming Events

March 6-10, WED-SUN. Workshop with Nancy Stark Smith.
WED-FRI 10am-6pm, Eden’s Expressway
SAT 10:30am-5:30pm, Gibney Dance Center
SAT 6-7:45pm, Underscore talk-thru, Gibney Dance Center
SUN 12-4pm, Underscore practice, New York City Center

EXPRESS TRAIN TO STATES OF GRACE: CI, contemplation, and composition
Like scaling Mt Everest, States of Grace is a pinnacle — elusive, ever-present, dangerous, fantasized, in our minds. And our bodies. “States of Grace” is what can happen when all the balls are in the air at once: solo dancing, contact improvisation, non-CI improvisation, contemplation, composition, listening, performance/art, mystery, and humanity. Many questions. Embodied research. Can we move easily between solo, contact improvisation, group work, somatic sources and impulses, and compositional awareness? What does this make? Only way to discover is to do it and find out. The Underscore on Sunday is the culminating vehicle for our discoveries. Participants should have previous experience with Contact Improvisation.

March 9-10, SAT-SUN.
THE UNDERSCORE: a talk and a practice with Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas (music)
March 9 SAT 6-7:45pm, Underscore talk-thru, Gibney Dance Center
March 10 SUN 12-4pm, Underscore practice, New York City Center

(Included in Nancy’s States of Grace workshop. There will be some places open for others to join just for the Underscore talk and practice.)
The Underscore is a long jamming/contact/improvisation/composition score that Nancy has been developing since the early 1990s as a framework for dance improvisation research. It guides dancers through a series of “changing states” — from solo relaxation and sensitizing to gravity and support, through group circulation and interaction, contact improvisation engagements, opening out to full group improvisation, and back to rest and reflection. Previous experience with Contact Improvisation and attendance at the talk is required for participation in the Underscore practice.

March 4-8. International Dance Dialogues Workshop with Alice Chauchat.
MON-FRI 12:15-2:45pm
Avenue C Studio
$75 for full workshop, $18 drop-in

Taking the following as an ambitious base, we’ll try out various configurations in which we might think-act together what a community choreography could be, understanding the idea of community not in terms of difference from other groups but in terms of a specific way of being together.
Ten statements on collective practice*
1. members of the group participate with their entire bodies, experiences and thoughts
2. each member is responsible for what she shares within the group
3. each member is responsible for the way she processes what is shared within the group
4. short-cut negotiations
5. general agreement is not desirable
6. create a common that is based on individual experience
7. practitioners should focus on their own activity rather than on the general composition
8. only the practitioners themselves can evaluate their own activity
9. leave space for individuals to resist the group dynamics
10. don’t direct each other
* ten statements is a game from everybody’s toolbox

March 11-15. International Dance Dialogues Workshop with Elizabeth Corbett.
MON-FRI 2-4pm
Gibney Dance Center
$75 for full workshop, $18 drop-in

Forsythe Improv and Phrase Workshop
Long time Forsythe dancer Elizabeth Corbett guides an exploration into the working methodologies inspired by the creative processes of William Forsythe. In this workshop dancers explore and develop improvisation approaches and deconstruction of Forsythe’s phrase work toward accessing the inner logic and unfolding mechanisms in the work.

Classes this week with…

Joanna Kotze . Morning Class.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 10:00am-12:00pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Beauty, awkwardness, form, strength, weakness. Intended to be both laboratory and class, we will delve into the design of the body and its potential within a given moment. Through open practices, stretch and placement, technique studies, and movement phrases, habits will be discovered, challenged, and seen through a new lens. A concentration on the forces through the legs will lead to finding the range in separate body parts and ways to use your weight into the floor. My hope is for you to feel present and challenged and to leave class with a few answers and many more questions.

Hristoula Harakas. Morning Class.
Tuesday and Thursday. 10:00am-12:00pm. $14.
Danspace Project, 131 E. 10th Street.

This class will dedicate itself to promoting spatial and corporeal awareness, through clarity and precision. Inviting ourselves to question, welcome, enhance, abandon and rediscover movement patterns, focal points, qualities, personal habits and preferences in order to stay alert in the present moment. Through a gentle warm up, using a series of improvisational but mostly set exercises we will transition to a pre-conceived phrase to share experiences while encouraging individuality. Let’s perceive ‘technique’ as an invaluable tool that opens doors and allows our bodies to be present in the now.

As well as our Ongoing Classes (click here for full descriptions)

Barbara Mahler. A Re-Education – Klein Technique as Taught by Barbara Mahler.
Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 am-12:00 pm. $14.
Tuesday, 6:15pm-7:45pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Irene Dowd.
Tuesday. 3:00 pm-4:45 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Sabine Heubusch. Alexander Technique.
Wednesday. 12:30-2:00 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

Karl Anderson. Skinner Releasing Technique (Ongoing Level).
Saturday. 10:00 am-1:00 pm. $14.
Randy Warshaw Studio, 115 Wooster St., #2F.

K.J. Holmes. The Athletics of Intimacy, Improvisations.
Saturday. 11:00 am-1:00 pm. $14.
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway, 4th Floor.

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