The Week Ahead. March 22-28, 2010

This Week at Movement Research… Open Performance! Studies Project!

Wednesday March 24. Open Performance.
8pm. DTW David R.White Studio at 219 West 19th Street.
Featuring works by Stonehill College Dance Company, Colleen Leonardi, Eva Moore, the real kim harmon
Moderated by Jillian Peña, 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence

Friday March 26. Studies Project:Teaching Downtown Dance/ Teaching Dance Downtown
6pm. Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway. FREE.
Initiated by Jmy Leary and the Movement Research Faculty and Artist Advisory Council and Moderated by Randy Martin
This roundtable discussion explores the geography of downtown dance over the past half-century, from the perspective of both the teachers and the students. What was taught, how was it taught, who were the teachers and who took class? Panelists include Hilary Clark, Douglas Dunn, K.J. Holmes, Juliette Mapp, and others.

Workshops this week.
Deborah Hay: Practicing Performance.

Sunday, March 28th, 2:30-5:30PM

Classes this Week.
Join us for classes with faculty: Levi Gonzalez, Shelley Senter, K.J. Holmes, Irene Dowd, Olive Bieringa, Jeanine Durning, and Barbara Mahler.

Workshop with HeJin Jang: Page/Stage Your Silence Through Embodiment
Saturdays, April 3rd – May 22nd, 2010, 5:00-7:30 pm, FREE
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
*You can participate for one or more days, or as many as you like!
REGISTER by emailing
We move to de-contain. We move to re-member and forget. Our bodies are containment of noises and silences of our memories that are constantly affecting how we live our lives now. This workshop explores our unshared, untold stories through embodiment. It is a practice to give voices to our muted memories. Using both writing and moving as forms of embodiment, we will break and un-break our silence through bodily thinking with the question “How can we use words as we use movement?” Our bodies speak louder than words, but as we search for words and inscriptions to “match” what our bodies have spoken, it can become performative writing. We will use writing as a treasure hunter of dance and silence. This class will start with a silent warm-up leading into improvisation and composition. We will explore several layers and dimensions of silence in and outside of our bodies. There will be showing of our materials utilizing what we created-both individually and collectively. The showing as a practice of sharing/caring will have both aspects of page and stage (meaning a printed booklet/journal and a performance at the end of the workshop). Pre-registration recommended.

Workshop with Reggie Wilson and Andréya Ouamba
Wednesday April 14th – Friday April 16th 2010, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm, $90
Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway
This Master Class explores various movement forms Рabstract, modern, full-bodied, grounded and rhythm-based movement and postmodern structure. We will utilize elements and movement languages from cultures of the Southern U.S., the Caribbean and Southern, Western and Central Africa. Attention is focused on the weight and direction of the pelvis, the use of the full foot and the use of the full range of the demi-pli̩.

  • March 23rd, 2010
  • Movement Research Staff

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