The Week Ahead. October 7-14.

This Week at Movement Research… a special event in partnership with Danspace Project and Anthology Film Archives, a FREE workshop with Daria Faïn and an amazing class schedule, as always!

Sunday October 7. Judson @ 50: JUDSON RECONSTRUCTED
MR in Partnership with Danspace Project and Anthology Film Archives
3pm. Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Avenue.
$10; $8 students/seniors/Friends of MR/Danspace Project Members; $6 Anthology Members
In 1982, Danspace Project and Bennington College collaborated on “The Judson Project,” a series of performances dedicated to reconstructing Judson-era works with 14 Judson choreographers, including Edward Bhartonn, Remy Charlip, Lucinda Childs, Philip Corner, Brian De Palma, Judith Dunn, Simone Forti, Deborah Hay, Aileen Passloff, Steve Paxton, Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneemann, Elaine Summers, and James Waring. The Bennington College Judson Project also filmed interviews with many of the artists that were central to Judson Dance Theater. Danspace Project and Movement Research share a selection of these rarely-seen reconstructions and interviews in a special afternoon screening.

Saturday October 13. MR @ FSG: Workshop with Daria Faïn.
12-2pm. First Street Green, 33 E 1st St.

According to Chinese energetic, in October we are transitioning between the Earth and the Metal energy. The Earth corresponds to the Digestive System (stomach/pancreas/spleen), and the Metal to the Lungs/Large Intestine. It is about the energy coming back into the Earth and the ability to transform by letting go of what we don’t need internally and externally. The session will include a warm up, and a series of intuitive movement meditations to activate these energies, tapping into our immediate environment with our sensory apparatus and our experiential field.

Classes this Week with: Asli Bulbul, Janet Panetta, David Thomson, Barbara Mahler, Irene Dowd, Clare Maxwell, Karl Anderson, K.J. Holmes, Daria Faïn, Bradley Teal Ellis, Rebecca Bone, Jesse Johnson, Mark Messer and Brandin Steffensen.


Tuesday October 16. Judson @ 50:
MR in Partnership with Anthology Film Archives
6:45pm. Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Avenue.
$10; $8 students/seniors/Friends of MR; $6 Anthology Members

Judson had an impact much larger than its three year existence would suggest. Many artists were deeply influenced by the ground broken by JDT, either directly or indirectly. This screening looks at a work that bears the imprint of Judson but moves beyond the boundaries of that seminal period:

Richard Rutkowski
2011, 65 min, digital video.
This highly visual and visceral documentary investigates the creative life of Suzushi Hanayagi, a powerful, innovative, even radical Japanese dancer and choreographer. For over 20 years she was a close collaborator with and major influence on theater legend Robert Wilson, who referred to her simply as “my teacher”. When Wilson discovers Hanayagi living in an old-age home and suffering from Alzheimer’s, Wilson resolves to work with her once again. Poignant witness to the transition of a life from vibrancy to legacy, this film becomes the final collaboration between a great teacher and her most renowned student.

Plus additional surprises!

Monday-Friday October 28-November 2.
International Dance Dialogues: Workshop with Azusa Seyama Prioville.
10-12pm. Gibney Dance Center, Studio 6.
Register Online:
Creating Character Through Movement

By raising awareness of the physical possibilities in the body this workshop will encourage finding richer and more meaningful personal movement. Employing various processes used in dance theater practices we will search where movement starts and push the limits of where it can go.

*2012 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence


Winter MELT is coming!! REGISTER NOW for workshops with Kyle deCamp, Irene Dowd, Miguel Gutierrez, John Jasperse, Yvonne Meier, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Jennifer Monson, Shelley Senter, and Gwen Welliver!

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