THIS SUNDAY: Sunday Process Lab


mini dances

Eleanor Hullihan

Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway

October 25 $5


Sunday Process Labs are a series of three-hour, low-cost sessions on Sunday evenings, providing an opportunity for a dynamic exchange amongst peers in a lab-type setting. Sessions are facilitated by movement-based artists who will share their individual creative practices and

This lab will be fun, hopefully. I am interested in our cultural obsession with short flashes of information on platforms like Instagram and how this does or does not relate to the necessarily subtle form of dance and performance in the non-commercial setting. We are going to work on small movement based videos taken on the iPhone. After having a good warm up, we will make phrases of movement and/or movement scenes, look at them together, try to crystallize the essence and then see how that can translate into a digital recording. Feel free to bring costumes and props if you are so inclined.

  • October 19th, 2015
  • Movement Research Staff

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