Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, 3.22.2010

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, March 22, 2010.
Featuring works by Anneke Hansen, James Graham† with Katy Gilmore, Michele Torino Hower, and Jolene Bartley† performing Senta Driver work.
†MFA Candidate, The Ohio State University; a Movement Research Exchange/OSU project, supported in part by Ohio State University

The 30th Hour
Dancing: Anneke Hansen, Miranda Jirik, Lori Yuill
Choreography: Anneke Hansen
“The 30th Hour” is a performance experiment designed to gather information about the nature of endurance, persistence, and the act of performance. We began our 30 hour rehearsal at 3PM on Sunday, March 21st. The 30th hour ends at 9PM tonight. During this final hour we will share something that has been constructed during the proceeding 29. Thank you for providing us with the critical element that allows us to reflect upon performance under these conditions: an audience.

Anneke Hansen, Miranda Jirik, and Lori Yuill have spent a lot more than 30 hours dancing together. They are glad to be dancing together here tonight, and look forward to upcoming residencies through Dance Ireland (Dublin) and Rockbridge Artist Exchange (Lexington, VA), as well as performances at the Chocolate Factory Theater in November 2010. Many thanks to Milka and Beth at Barn, Gillian, Seth, Jules, Jo, Peggy, and everyone who came to visit us during this rehearsal. For more information write to

Go To The Center
Choreography: James Graham and Katy Gilmore
Performance: James Graham and Katy Gilmore
Costumes: James Graham and Katy Gilmore
Original Lighting: Rachel Riggs-Levya
Music: “Bonanza” The Books, “There is No There” The Books, “White Winter Hymnal” Fleet Foxes
Premiered June 2009, Sullivant Hall Theatre, The Ohio State University

James Graham is a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance at the Ohio State University. After receiving his B.A. at UC Berkeley, he danced professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area-working with Joe Goode, Janice Garrett, Project Bandaloop, Lizz Roman, Chris Dolder, and Lisa Wymore among others. He recently won the Kathryn Karipides Scholarship in modern dance. And he used this scholarship to study and research dance in Israel during the summer of 2007. His future intentions include studying, teaching, and performing domestically and abroad. He is also an avid singer and nature enthusiast.

My Cat + Luciana Achugar’s Cat plus Other Explorations in Reproduction
By Michele Torino Hower
With Tatyana Tenenbaum
Music by Shawn Gallagher
Lights by Layton Hower

Michele Torino Hower: I began this work with Tatyana Tenenbaum one year ago. While performing two years ago with Heather McCardle in the Sugar Salon, I saw Luciana Achugar’s work about women and cats; it was a lovely, deep and circuitous conversation. A woman crawled, ass to the audience, for some time, while a large projected video of a cat sniffing about a dance studio played on the scrim. And in the end there was a fabulous dance party to “Chicken Noodle Soup.” This work has stuck with me so because it spoke to a personal and continuous exchange between animal nature, tenacious skepticism, and a deep longing for Buddha heart and mind. Somehow in conversation with this revelatory conundrum, my new work is about how we repeat patterns, reproduce images, and retrace our steps, over and over again.

Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes excerpt from Missing Persons (1981)
Choreography: Senta Driver
Music: Forbes Robinson, Janet Baker
Coaching: Susan Hadley
Performers: Jolene Bartley with Senta Driver, Karena Birk, Katy Gilmore, and James Graham
Staged by Susan Hadley and Jolene Bartley, in part from the Labanotation score notated by Mary Corey, 1981-82, by arrangement with the Dance Notation Bureau who has preserved, enriched, and furthered the art of dance for 70 years, 1940-2010.

Jolene Bartley is currently a third-year MFA candidate in Dance at The Ohio State University. She plans to pursue her dancing and teaching career in Chicago, IL. Jolene would especially like to thank Senta Driver, Susan Hadley, Sheila Marion, Susan Van Pelt Petry, and Movement Research for this amazing opportunity.

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