Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church 3.4.2013

Featuring works by Papa Sy: Choreographer at Pasytef Dance Company and Yve Laris Cohen

Choreographer and Performer: Papa Sy
Assistant to the Choreographer: Paige Fredlund
Music: Toumani Diabate and Baba Maal

Kanassu means ‘the craziest’ in Wolof language. Through dance and poetry, Kanassu denounces some of the evils found in African society, evils that hinder Africa.

He walks the streets, mind-wandering such as the poet
He denounces the evils of the society, such as the politician
Everywhere he sounds the alarm, such as the fireman
He keeps moving forward when everyone seems to stop
He wants, such as the great men, to transform the world.
But he is called Kanassu
Such as the poet and the politician
Such as the fireman and the great men
Who then is the fool among the fools?
He is in the streets, in offices
He is in the trash, in laboratories
Sometimes visible, sometimes invisible
You, me, all of us are Kanassu
The negligent and the careless
The pretentious and the crooks
The liars and the irresponsibles
The corrupted and the greedy
Intolerant religious and bellicose politicians
Are all Kanassu
Is it not the fools who hold the reins of the world?

Papa Sy is a dancer, a choreographer, and a dance teacher from Senegal. After professional dance training in Senegal’s national dance academies, Papa Sy joined Germain Acogny’s Ecole des Sables and the internationally known Jant-Bi dance company. Working at Ecole des Sables opened Papa Sy’s artistic spirit. He founded the Pasytef Ballet-Theatre de Dalifort dance company as well as the Pasy Dance School out of a passion for sharing his knowledge with young dancers and contributing to their artistic education. Papa Sy now lives in New York City and continues teaching dance classes to children as well as adults at Cumbe Diaspora Dance Center.

Dog House II

Yve Laris Cohen has shown at Movement Research at the Judson Church four times since 2009. Thank you Tom, Bill, Zac, and Lateek.

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