Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church 6.4.2012

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, 6.4. 2012

Featuring Works by Abigail Levine, Kai Kleinbard, Jessica Bravo Peña, Cori Olinghouse

Distance Measures & Orbit Design
Dance: Abigail Levine
Dancers: Abigail Levine, Aaron Mattocks, Storme Sundberg
Musicians: Derek Bermel (clarinet), Eric Lamb (flute), Alex Sopp (flute)
Design and Costume Consultant: Daniel Lang/Levitsky

Distance Measures borrows formal elements from mathematical models of chaotic systems. Although not apparent or predictable, these systems are highly structured and confoundingly beautiful. Using elements of these models in performance creates a spatial environment that demands a particular attentiveness from the improvising performers-rather than craft their movements and relationships based on choice-making, they must find their way through a negotiation of unpredictable circumstances. Distance Measures evolved collaboratively alongside Derek Bermel’s new work Orbit Design, now performed live with the dance. Orbit Design is a musical algorithm for three or more players, inspired by the three-body problem in celestial mechanics. The three-body problem is the dynamic system describing the movement of three celestial bodies under Newton’s law of gravity. The movement of two bodies can be predicted for a long time with high accuracy. However, once a third body is introduced, it becomes impossible to predict their movements for an extended period.

Orbit Design was commissioned for the 2012 Look and Listen Festival with a generous gift from Augusta Gross and Leslie B. Samuels.

Abigail Levine is a dance and performance artist from New York. Her works have been shown in the US, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil and Taiwan, at venues including the Movement Research Festival, CPR, Dixon Place, Prisma Forum, Teatro O Lugar, and the Taipei Fringe Festival. Abigail has performed most recently with Marina Abramovic, Carolee Schneemann, Marianela Boán, Rebecca Davis, and Larissa Velez-Jackson. Derek Bermel is a New York-based composer and clarinetist. He is currently artist-in-residence at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ, composer-in-residence at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and Artistic Advisor to the American Composers Orchestra. His latest CD Voices was nominated for a 2010 Grammy award.

Mean Machine (work-in-progress)

Choreographer/performer: Kai Kleinbard
Costume/Set Design: Kai Kleinbard

“This slop is where I live, bitch,…/But like a bur in a dog’s coat his rage/has borrowed legs. We bring it home. It lives/like kin among the angers of the house,/ and leaves the same sharp zinc taste in the mouth…” William Matthews poem “Grief”

This piece is inspired by the imaginations of the young people I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis, and also special thanks to my partner, Cori.

Kai Kleinbard was born and raised in Brooklyn and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. Kai’s approach to movement is influenced by his research of martial arts, freestyle movement forms (including voguing, popping, waving, and house) and principles from the Alexander Technique. He is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher and also an academic tutor specializing in developing and organizing his students’ work and learning habits. He is currently developing the “Body Literate Initiative” with partner, Cori Olinghouse.

13×2 – Between two (Work-in-Progress)

Choreography: Jessica Bravo Peña
Dancers/Collaborators: Alice Bariselli and Anamaria Amador Miranda
Artistic Collaboration: Luca Nasciuti and Marttaleena Nikkari

13×2 explores interactions and occurrences of subjective time/timing in the attention of intersensorial situations. The abstract idea of ‘time achievement’ explores the appropriation and auto-regulation of organic processes. The work experiments on recollecting temporal traces in the viewer’s recognition of the perceptible and the ephemeral.

Jessica Bravo Peña is a visual artist, dancer and choreographer from Puerto Rico. She holds an MA in Choreography from Trinity Laban in London. Jessica’s pictorial and choreographic work investigates perception and presence, examining dialectics between live/virtual bodies and spaces. The piece is presented in collaboration with dancers Anamaria Amador from Palpando Danza (Puerto Rico) and Alice Bariselli from the collective ALMA (Finland and Italy). 13×2 – (Work in Process) was presented at CNDC Angers- France, and at Bonnie Bird Theatre, Trinity Laban, London (2011).

Ghost lines (work-in-progress)

Created by Cori Olinghouse in collaboration with performers
Performance: Elizabeth Keen, Kai Kleinbard, Ella Misko, Cori Olinghouse, Eva Schmidt
Costume Design: Andy Jordan
Sound Design: Jake Meginsky

Special thanks to my love Kai, Andy, Eva, Elizabeth, Jake, Ella, Colin, Sandra, and Shona.

Cori Olinghouse is a dance artist and certified Alexander Technique teacher. Her work has been presented by Danspace Project, The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Movement Research, among others. Cori performed with the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 2002-2006. In 2005, Cori began a dancing dialogue with Bill Irwin and has since been researching a variety of movement forms that explore physical transformation, including: eccentric dance, mime, and voguing. Cori was a 2009 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. She is currently collaborating with Australian film artist Shona Masarin to create a 16 mm b&w film “Ghost line.”  She is also currently developing her creative practice research, Body Literate Initiative, with partner, Kai Kleinbard. Visit for further information about Cori’s teaching.

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