Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, 9.28.09

Video clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, September 28, 2009. Featuring the work of Lindsey Drury, Alison D’Amato, and Niall Jones.

sleep. die, awake, do, water, be, decide, play, die, do, nothing ever.
Stuart Phillips and Lindsey Drury

Lindsey Drury: thanks again for fabulous shortened version of life performance, god in five minutes, extended throughout joy forever, thankyou. me. i would like to visit though i fear if i did so i might speechlessly stand around your house saturated in

 my own excessive awkwardness. can give you whitney tucker contact in nyc when ready, she’s a blast, dancing with her is like eating cum and vomiting and smashing a bicycle while cooking brownies over a house fire, really raging. why rescind the word desperate? i’ve always been afraid that those who read what i’ve written have some kind of problem with perceptual jailing— that the way i am seen is a layering of truths upon truths until they wall me in with my own words. I fall quickly, and rise up swiftly as well, I am fast, internally. be well love. thanks for suggestions. take it infernally, internally, to heart, thankyou, helps. It’s the only way to get the something else, to gnash the teeth through the mush, to push back the boring utopic. i think about how you dance. that giving and unforgiving. that necessarily superfluous quality in all the people who dance with you. that indignant taste i get in my mouth over the possibility of human connection. the way you so gracefully never give anything up or hand anything over.
see you in flavorville, deathville, aliveville, alignmentville, see you there, and we’ll do what we do. be well, tender explosive one. be well. heart version of wow. bless me. bless me. you. god. one tender shit hole. be well. me. bless. me tired. sleep. die, awake, do, water, be, decide, play, die, do, nothing ever. me x bless. me. x bless. me x snore. me

he who calls me distant can keep his distance (study)
Choreographic direction and text by: Alison D’Amato
Movement invention by: the performers
Performance by: Amanda Punsoda-Rodriguez, Anne Zuerner, Devynn Emory & Alison D’Amato

Alison D’Amato is a choreographer, performer and researcher working mostly in New York. She did some studying at Laban in London, where she received an MA in dance theater, and at Haverford College, where she received a BA in philosophy. Her choreographic work has been presented in New York, Philadelphia, and internationally in Poland and the UK. When not creating dance, she loves performing for choreographers such as Rebecca Davis, Devynn Emory, Meg Foley, Sasha Welsh, Liz Santoro, De Facto Dance & Nichole Canuso. You can read some of her writing on The Dance Insider ( And if you want, you can see more of this work at the The Tank in November and at the AUNTS Roadshow in December!

juicy juicy
By: Niall Jones
Special guest star: Courtney Cooke
Music: Glen Ballard & Brock Walsh, Prince, Bob Marley, Dj Mike Q Evisu, Cassie & Ryan Leslie

niall: was born, grew up, and became somewhat educated in richmond, va.
spends many of his summers hanging at the american dance festival in durham, nc.
makes dances and really enjoys dancing in them.
loves to cook but wishes he were a better cook.
lives in brooklyn, ny. contact him at

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