Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, November 7, 2011.

Video Clips from Movement Research at the Judson Church, November 7, 2011.

Featuring works by Gina Graham, Emily Wexler, Laura Bartczak & Paige Fredlund

Body Bags
Choreography and costumes by Gina Graham
Sound score by William Haugh
Performers are anonymous

Gina Graham is co-founder & Artistic Director of  Esse Aficionado, a non-profit dance organization based in New York City. Graham is looking for dancers who are interested in participating in an upcoming version of Body Bags. To inquire, learn more about this work and sign up for her mailing list, visit:

Centuries of Winter
By Emily Wexler
With Elena Bresani, Maggie Cloud, JE Kim and Dawn Springer
Music by Vashti Bunyan

Emily Wexler works to find multiple ways of comprehending the world through dance. She’s a jersey girl. She loves poetry, sincerity, and anything within the realm of the ridiculous. She is working on a project which questions the nature of matter and mattering that’ll be shown in its longest capacity in spring 2012. She is forever grateful to the people that lend themselves to her ideas and process. Emily also dances for lots of other great artists and teaches senior citizens the love of drawing an arc through space.

UFO sighting nearly unnoticed because everyone else was drawn to loops.
Choreographed by Paige Fredlund and Laura Bartczak
Performed by Raquel Mavecq, Kaia Gilje, Lindsey Drury, Laura Bartczak, Paige Fredlund, LJ Leach, Katelyn Hales, Maia Ramnath, Corinne Cappelletti, and Dylan Hiester
Music by Mark Demolar

Laura Bartczak is a dance artist based in Brooklyn. She received a BFA in dance from Western Washington University. Since moving to New York she has danced for Lindsey Drury, GoGoVertigoat Dance and/or Performance, Paige Fredlund, and video artist Amapola Prada, among others. This is one of many collaborations between Laura, Mark, and Paige. Paige Fredlund lives in Brooklyn. She has performed in Montana, Washington and Senegal. She met Laura Bartczak while studying at Western Washington University in 2005, and has been dancing alongside her ever since. In New York she works with Lindsey Drury, with whom she is a part of the Woods Cooperative, a studio and performance space in Queens. She studies the Cunningham Technique, among other movement forms. Mark Demolar is a filmmaker and musician currently in the band Woodsman.


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