Voguing dream

I seem to be having more dreams about voguing than any other kind of dancing in my life so far.  Now, I’ve decided to begin to catalog and record these dreams in a journal.


Last night in the mountains out west – with tumbling clouds, jagged mountain peak, outlines in the horizon-line – a voguer is approaching as weather tumbling in. Approaching with menace – fever. He appears like a cut-out in the sky. Moves like molten lava, liquid lightning. Arms bolting. Fierce and razor sharp edges. Blade-like liquefying into the metal they arose from.

He is a liquid electric bolt, streaking across space, with jaw tight and eyes penetrating.

Whipping the air into tight unbroken lines, so fast they are bending, folding, collapsing.

At speeds too fast to detect.

Vogue lighting


Ice breaking

A tangle of lines, bending

The sky going up in flames behind the pace of lines.

– Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

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