Voguing/Alexander cont…

A couple weeks ago, I injured my shoulder practicing.  It’s been the first time in my 1 1/2 year study of voguing that I’ve hurt myself.  I’m now healing – learning – applying the process of the Alexander Technique to my observations of how I’ve been using my shoulder.  Through this practice of taking on a new dance form, I am re-learning principles from the Alexander Technique.

The planes of the shoulder girdle must be intentionally aligned to the direction of the movement

Allow the shoulder girdle to move freely off the rib cage – let it lift, glide, mobilize

Move the arms from the ground.  Root yourself/connect to the power in your stance and feet.  Vogue always has a stance.

The attitude in vogue comes from the head moving forward and up.  If the spine pushes forward (for stylized effect)- you must keep a thrust of energy moving up from the feet and through the whole length of the body.

Tomorrow I venture back to class.  Intrigued.

Cori Olinghouse -choreographer/Alexander Technique teacher, 2009 Movement Research AIR

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