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  • 10.26.06

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Yves Musard

Just wanted to add to the correspondence some thoughts that came to me after our two week laboratory. It is still quite early this morning, just after the last star vanished. Leaving tomorrow to France for two weeks. Short visit between Paris, Grenoble and Marseille, combination of dance project, applied dance project and support to my parents. At the last soundwalk it felt clear to me that in two weeks was constructed a little nest of friends and colleagues that could share over time questions of working in the big space. Suddenly was formed a little circle where thoughts/questions could be exposed. Personally it was very encouraging being generally a bit alone in my drillings. I find that these two weeks were very rich and everyone was engaged and giving. A sort of daily adventure. I appreciated Hope and Michelle’s attitude as leaders in these soundwalks. So thanks to all of you and convince we will keep the dots in the near future.

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