In Conversation with A Point of Departure

Dear Jeff, Levi and Chase,

i’m excited about building a dialogue between organizations, publications and people at last. thank you!

i’ve included Chase in this email in case you have thoughts on other possible topics and directions.

briefly looking at Daghdha’s site and, i see more concretely that there is really a lot of ground within which to exchange ideas. i think focusing on the development of the sites can be a helpful guide from which to detour into more detailed conversations since in that process we are all to some extent re-articulating our purpose and vision. i’ll be looking into ways to do this format-wise in CC. is the current that i visited a new site, already re-designed? is it still in progress?

it will take more reading and thinking, but at first glance, i see that some of the nuggets to be explore include:

-the relative space that Daghdha occupies in the dance ecosystem in Limerick vs. MR’s space in NYC. (history, growth, relative to other organizations, funding structures, etc.)

-the differences or similarities between a model that includes an artistic vision along with servicing dance in broad ways, in the case of Daghdha (an organization with an Artistic Director, and producing work), and an organization that although artists-founded and driven, is not itself in any way related to a particular artist, in the case of MR.

-more on the conceptual side, and possibly related to the previous topic, i’m impressed by Daghdha’s capacity to state views of what dance is or can be. it makes me think and feel my own inability, but also perhaps from an institutional or organizational perspective, to speak in definite terms or commit to language and traditions of thought the same way. this is to me an interesting and vulnerable spot.

-i’m also curious about the concept of “social choreography” and the idea of speaking about a “relationship between dance and choreography”–which somehow speaks of a very precise use of the word choreography, but maybe enormously inclusive in its specificity.

ok, these are more rampant thoughts. next we will come back with a more

concrete space and beginning of an–open or close?–conversation.

re: beginning at the begin, it seems like a fine idea to me. and since we are doing this re-visiting of all the Performance Journals from the beginning in celebration of MR’s 30th anniversary, we’re not far from digging into those origins.

Alejandra Martorell

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