In Conversation with An Invitation

Hi Jeffrey

We received your contact information from Chase Granoff, who told us of your interest in some kind of collaboration with the website administered through Movement Research in NYC – Critical Correspondence.

Alejandra Martorell and I are currently the two editors of the site, and we would be very interested in some form of written collaboration, as would the organization of Movement Research. MR recognizes the unique opportunities provided by the Internet to engage in discourse across large physical distances and communities. Chase speaks very highly of the goals of your site and I think it would be great to work together.

That said, I’m wondering if you have any specific proposals in mind. Currently, CC is in a bit of a holding pattern. MR just got money to redesign their entire website and greater integrate CC into it, but that process is moving pretty slowly at the moment. We are unhappy with the design of the site, but feel it is important to keep it active and keep content coming in. I think the role CC plays in MR will be changing as the web presence of MR changes, but for now we want to keep supporting artists writing about or talking about art, and approaching issues on critical discourse that affect artists in the dance and performance field.

Also, as I just said before, we think CC will be a natural part of MR where there can be a discourse shared among physically distant areas and a way of maintaining a connection with the international dance community.

As for the delay in getting in touch with you, I can only say that we have been swamped and then the summer was not a time I could focus on the site. I did try to email you earlier and the mail was returned to me because of a full mailbox. So I’m hoping this one finds you.

Let me know any ideas you may have, would love to get something started.


Levi Gonzalez

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