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Critical Correspondence


Lucy Lee Yim and Enrico D. Wey in Conversation

Long-time friends and artist colleagues, Lucy Lee Yim and Enrico D. Wey, share a recent tete-a-tete whose tone and pacing reveal the intimacy of their friendship. Sentences overlap and words and concepts sync up in the way that intersubjective borders reveal porosity, humor, and the kind of collaborative nature of conversation. The questions comes up: […]


The POSTDANCE Dialogues: Stina Nyberg and Adriano Wilfert Jensen

  POSTDANCE Dialogues Introduction: From October 14-16, 2015, MDT in Stockholm hosted a conference called POSTDANCE. The term wasn’t elaborated in any of the conference’s promotional material, but stood as a flag driven into the ground by an attractive mass of names — Swedish and international dance artists and theorists whose presence in one room […]


The POSTDANCE Dialogues: Keynote Address by Jonathan Burrows

    Jonathan Burrows’s Keynote Address for the Postdance Conference in  Stockholm, Sweden Curated by André Lepecki for MDT and Cullberg Ballet, Stockholm, October 14th 2015   Download a PDF of Burrows’s Keynote Address ____________________________________________________________________________   Good morning and welcome.   André Lepecki suggested to me that this Postdance Conference was an opportunity to find […]

500_Bell Dance Lab

Biba Bell discusses dance as a promiscuous mode of dwelling

  CC co-editor Biba Bell shares an interlude-esque essay that expresses her ongoing project that thinks through the potential of dance to promiscuously move about, mobilize societal limitations, resist capture, and generally infiltrate disciplinary and institutional habits, aka business as usual… crashing the party; escaping the house. Woven throughout her perpetual proposition – “Would you […]


Xavier Le Roy in Conversation with Will Rawls

Over the last twenty years, Xavier Le Roy has radically expanded the field of contemporary choreography, through solo and collective research-based practice. His diverse works question the limits of performance, exposing the conditions that govern artistic production in the theater. Increasingly, Le Roy has turned towards issues of addressing and engaging the public, and how […]

Neil Greenberg's 'This,' photo: Frank Mullaney

Neil Greenberg in Conversation with Biba Bell

  As Neil Greenberg prepares to premiere his latest work, This, at New York Live Arts the first weekend of December, he discusses his motivating questions as well as the shifts in his choreographic concerns during the four years since his last piece, (like a vase). Citing Susan Sontag’s “Against Interpretation” as an enduring theoretical […]

Destroy//, Leyya Tawil, Detroit, photo: Lisa Frank

Leyya Tawil in Conversation with Linda Weintraub

Bay Area based choreographer and dance artist Leyya Tawil, also known for her extensive collaborations with composers Christopher Keyes (1999-2008), Mark Gergis (2009-2010), Lars J Brouwer (2011-2013), and Mike Khoury (ongoing), has been traveling the globe touring her current project Destroy// since its inception in San Francisco in 2012. Performed internationally in 19 cities thus […]


Dance and the Museum: Marten Spangberg Responds

1) What are the most potent questions/ ideas prompted by the recent coming together of dance and the visual arts? Good question, is not a bad answer, but hmmm maybe one could elaborate slightly, though this question probably would extend into PhD-type size. What you have in front of you is an answer of all […]

Kosoko Photo by Katie Kischer

Dance and the Museum: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko Responds

1) What are the most potent questions/ ideas prompted by the recent coming together of dance and the visual arts? I hear artists asking questions about how their work can read as cinematic, how various kinds of relational experiences can co-exist between genres, what is the relationship between identity and abstraction and form, among many […]


Dance and the Museum: More than Incidental Choreographies by Danielle Goldman

On September 28, 2013, Danspace Project hosted its latest Conversations Without Walls, a series of panel discussions co-curated by Danspace Scholar-in-Residence Jenn Joy and Executive Director Judy Hussie-Taylor. This particular conversation provided an opportunity to reflect on Ralph Lemon’s Some sweet day–a recent three-week performance series at MoMA–as well as the broader convergences between dance […]


Jeanine Durning in Conversation with Lightsey Darst

Last December I went to Minneapolis’s Soo Gallery to watch New York-based choreographer Jeanine Durning’s inging. I didn’t know what to expect. The past weekend I’d seen Durning perform in two of Deborah Hay’s brainy, unpredictable, ultra-detailed dance works, and my circuits were accordingly rewired. From her performance of Hay’s dances I knew Durning was […]

Michelle Boule in rehearsal for WONDER, photo by Wah Ming Chang

Michelle Boulé in conversation with Matthew Walker

ISSUE Project Room was first introduced to Michelle Boule through her participation in cellist/composer/improviser Okkyung Lee’s 2011 Artist-in-Residency at ISSUE. As evidenced by her collaborative performance with Lee, Boule’s layered and transfixing engagement with movement, light, performance space, and audience suggested she would be an ideal fit for our 2012 Emerging Artists Commission program, which sought to reach outside our normal sound-oriented range of focus to encompass transdisciplinary practices. ISSUE Development Director Matthew Walker discusses process, authenticity, vulnerability and texture in performance with dancer/choreographer Michelle Boule in anticipation of her upcoming premiere, WONDER, May 30-31.

Rashaun Mitchell INTERFACE_1

Rashaun Mitchell in conversation with Ryan McNamara

Choreographer Rashaun Mitchell talks with Ryan McNamara about his history with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and his transition to developing his own work. They discuss his research of psychosomatic networks, his belief in the audience as collaborator, and his process of rendering emotions physical using the face as a visible and manipulable means of expression. Mitchell’s work Interface premieres March 14-15 at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Deborah Hay in Philadelphia

Nicole Bindler, Programs Coordinator at Mascher Space Cooperative in Philadelphia, worked with thefidget space and University of the Arts to create a week of activities around the choreography and teaching of Deborah Hay. Eagerly anticipated, we presented a festival of solo performances spanning 15 years of solo commissions, a week-long workshop for Mascher Artists-in-Residence and UArts students, and Hay’s “Lecture on the Performance of Beauty” at UArts. Gregory Holt, workshop participant, and Nicole Bindler respond to the week of events.

Maida Withers in conversation with Lydia Mokdessi

Washington, D.C. choreographer, director, and George Washington University professor Maida Withers talks with CC’s Lydia Mokdessi about her newest dance theatre work, the nature of Washington audiences, her freewheeling Utah upbringing, and her 55-year teaching career in higher education. Collision Course – a.k.a. Pillow Talk debuted on December 7, 2012.