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Critical Correspondence

MR Festival 2008: the Time in Travel takes its course by Biba Bell

by Biba Bell MR Festival Spring 2008: Somewhere Out There We met at the labyrinth in Battery Park, a smallish piece of fresh grass, well soiled with a few trees and a smattering of modernist lounge furniture. Kicking off our shoes after the trek to the South Ferry was an immediate hint to the sensitizing […]

iLand: Impressions from Jennifer Monson

Some notes after Friday, September 22nd Discussion with iLAB participants. We sat at the park by the East River in LIC on the grass and on a stonewall. Bright sun and clear skies and a breeze. Loud sounds of the building being constructed next to us that quieted at noon for the lunch break, mocking […]

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Lise Brenner

I appreciated how carefully [Michelle and Hope] worked to make this an evolving experience that stayed true to both of your interests, and also took into account the feedback of the group. That worked very well, and I think it was reflected in how differently Soundwalk #1 and Soundwalk #2 went – not really that one was better than […]

iLab: Feedback/Final Impressions: Laura Hymers

From the first day of iLab, I had great respect for the investigative, supportive, and creative environment Michelle and Hope established. It was evident that you respect each other as artists/collaborators and trusted yourselves as well as the group of people invited to work with you. The collaborative/open energy was wonderful and allowed for what […]

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Biba Bell

Thinking about sound and movement: Often times when I’m dancing I experience this sense of conversation, of dialogue — drawing me into the moment, the space, relationships, etc. Working on the iLand project I was able to more fully explore and articulate this dialgue with sound — sound as a medium, sound as a force, sound as a description, […]

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Alejandra Martorell

I tend to latch on to something visible and repeatable from an experience, in order to fool myself into thinking that I got it. Yesterday I sat down for a few minutes to meditate using my ears and the sounds coming and going as a way in—and out—thinking, being, finding the present moment. This was […]

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Yves Musard

Just wanted to add to the correspondence some thoughts that came to me after our two week laboratory. It is still quite early this morning, just after the last star vanished. Leaving tomorrow to France for two weeks. Short visit between Paris, Grenoble and Marseille, combination of dance project, applied dance project and support to […]

iLand: Feedback & Final Impressions from Rebecca Wender

For me this process was most unique in how it simultaneously nurtured me as a person and artist and pushed me to reach outside my comfort zone with my perception and my body. I think this is an ideal state of process for any artist, and I don’t know if I’ve experienced it in such […]

iLand: E.J. McAdams Notes (and Impressions) Day 6

iLAB Collaborative Residency Engagement with Public #1 Under a blue sky dotted with lumpy cumulus, Hope and Michelle welcomed the gathered participants in Bryant Park at 41st and 6th Avenue. To start they presented the questions that they wanted the group to consider as we proceeded on the soundwalk: • How does listening affect how […]

iLand: E.J. McAdams Notes (and Impressions) Day 5

iLAB Collaborative Residency The Beginning The participants gathered sitting on the floor in a loose circle in Studio #4 of Trisha Brown Studios. It is an interior studio with no natural light. Of the four walls, one is completely mirrored end to end. The room feels divided by a supporting pillar in the western third […]

iLand: E.J. McAdams Notes (and Impressions) Day 2

iLAB Collaborative Residency Movement Warm Up Hope took the group through a warm up in Studio #1 at Trisha Brown Studios on West 55th Street. The room was infused with light despite the industrial windows and the shade of the surrounding buildings. Everyone was in a circle even Michelle who was nursing her son, Uta. […]

iLand: Hope Mohr: Entry #1

iLAB Collaborative Residency September 7 A question of method: Intentional versus unconscious physical responses to noise. Deconstructing the decision to move. The critical moment is the gap between receiving sensory information and reacting to it through movement. How will we work with that gap, inside it? Unconscious responses feel more authentic, more direct. But it […]

iLand: Project Description

iLAB Collaborative Residency A project of iLAND, iLAB is a collaborative residency program between movement based artists and scientists, environmentalists, urban designers/landscape architects, architects and others that will integrate creative practice within the different fields/disciplines. Choreographer Hope Mohr and Composer and Acoustic Ecologist Michelle Nagai have been selected for the first iLAB residency to be […]

iLand: First Dialogue

iLAB Collaborative Residency Q1: What is your starting point? Michelle: Hope emailed me. The series of questions Hope sent me was a starting point. There are ideas in this that I have been thinking about for some time, but H’s list of questions focused my thinking, specifically about movement and the impact of sound on […]