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Critical Correspondence


Critical Correspondence: Dance and the Museum

In 2013, Critical Correspondence initiated a project dedicated to the examination of dance in the museum today–its politics, economics, and aesthetics. Acknowledging a long history of cross-pollination between dance and the visual arts–some driven by artists, some by institutions–our hope is to create a forum, based in a dance institution, for the voices of those […]


Lise Soskolne of W.A.G.E. in Conversation with Abigail Levine

  This past winter I met with Lise Soskolne, core organizer for W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy). W.A.G.E. is “a New York-based activist organization focused on regulating the payment of artist fees by nonprofit art institutions, and establishing a sustainable labor relation between artists and the institutions that subcontract their labor.” I got […]

Charles Aubin

Charles Aubin in Conversation with Abigail Levine

Curator and performance scholar Charles Aubin discusses his work at Paris’s Centre Pompidou and New York’s Performa Biennial, focusing on the current interest in live art and performing arts curation, particularly within the context of visual art institutions. Aubin addresses the differences in curatorial strategies in a yearlong programming calendar versus a biennial, the funding […]


Dance and the Museum: Helene Lesterlin Responds

  Agnes Martin’s brand of minimalism isn’t for everyone, but I am always star-struck when I come across one of her drawings or paintings. Like a gust of chill, fresh air, with a view of some wide, empty expanse, her work gives me a settled, alert feeling. The shimmering surface has an authority, a presence, […]


Dance and the Museum: Gustavo Ciriaco Responds

  1) What are the most potent questions or ideas prompted by the recent coming together of dance and the visual arts?   I like the terms you choose for this meeting of two different art fields: coming together. This already reveals a movement towards a shared place and at the same time the condition […]


Mark Franko Responds: homeless in the museum, or, how to be a school

Original post on OpEdgy Arts & Performance (Jampole Communications) French choreographer Boris Charmatz is presenting three different programs this fall at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City under the umbrella title: Three Collective Gestures(October 18-November 3). In many ways, he is taking on the whole contemporary issue of the relation of dance to the […]

RM thumb

Richard Move in conversation with Abigail Levine

In 1996, five years after Martha Graham’s death, Richard Move began summoning her to the stage, using his own body as the medium for her performance. Move refers to the dances he performs as Graham’s works, although he has always engaged in a process of “de-reconstruction” of the choreography, making them his own creations as […]


Dance and the Museum: More than Incidental Choreographies by Danielle Goldman

On September 28, 2013, Danspace Project hosted its latest Conversations Without Walls, a series of panel discussions co-curated by Danspace Scholar-in-Residence Jenn Joy and Executive Director Judy Hussie-Taylor. This particular conversation provided an opportunity to reflect on Ralph Lemon’s Some sweet day–a recent three-week performance series at MoMA–as well as the broader convergences between dance […]

Infiltrating the MoMA Atrium Part 2: Ralph Lemon in conversation with Marissa Perel on “Some sweet day”

Artist, choreographer, writer, conceptualist, Ralph Lemon, further discusses his artistic and curatorial concepts in relationship to race, and the work of Deborah Hay and Sarah Michelson for “Some sweet day” in MoMA’s Marron Atrium, October 15- Nov 4 2012 in conversation with Marissa Perel. The first part of this conversation can be found on the Art21 blog.