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Critical Correspondence

Brian Getnick in Conversation with Will Rawls

  Angeleno, Brian Getnick reconnects with Will Rawls to outline his network of exciting projects, in which his sculptural and curatorial works create dynamic frames for other performance artists. Co-director (with Tanya Rubbak) of the collaborative L.A. performance journal, Native Strategies, and performer himself, Brian also extends his sights from L.A. to New York and Berlin, tilling the […]

Adrienne Truscott in conversation with Marissa Perel on “…Too Freedom…” premiering Dec. 8 2012 at the Kitchen

Choreographer and performer, Adrienne Truscott, talked with CC co-editor, Marissa Perel while driving to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the Rockaways. They discussed Truscott’s LMCC residency at Governor’s Island, being alone in the studio, working with jornaleros, and the trials and travails of being a Wau Wau Sister. Truscott premiers “…Too Freedom…” at the Kitchen Dec 8-9 & Dec 12-15 2012.

Carolee Schneemann in Conversation with Marissa Perel

Carolee Schneemann speaks with Critical Correspondence editor Marissa Perel on the 50th anniversary of the first Judson Dance Theater performance. Interview date: July 6, 2012 Download this interview as a podcast  

Maria Petschnig in conversation with Marissa Perel

Maria Petschnig and Marissa Perel view and discuss the documentation of Petschnig’s live video performance, See-saw, seen-sawn at the Austrian Cultural Forum on November 10 as part of Performa 11. The audience sat facing a theater wall with projection, which alternated between live-feed and recorded video, controlled by Petschnig who was performing in a space above the audience and the stage.

REPRINT: Jill Johnston’s “Democracy,” a Village Voice review of Judson Dance Theater’s historic first performance

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Judson Dance Theater, we are pleased to share a reprint of Jill Johnston’s August 23, 1962 Village Voice review of the very first Judson Dance Theater performance. Johnston’s brief review of performances by Fred Herko, John Herbert McDowell, Ruth Emerson, David Gordon, William Davis and Yvonne Rainer, among others, marks one of the first critical responses to the Judson movement.

Jillian Peña in conversation with Marissa Perel on The Guiding Light

Jillian Pena investigates “light” as a concept, belief and pop symbol with CC co-editor, Marissa Perel. Pena’s new work, The Guiding Light, premiers at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, [BAX] on Friday, April 27 and runs through Sunday, April 29 2012. “My mom was agnostic. She was like, ‘Just hide when they all pray. Just hide.’ They would tell us that our bodies were vessels for Jesus…I like the idea of the vessel, but when you really believe in something it’s like emptying out in order for that to fill you, which is sexy. So, I am interested in that physicality. Religiosity in a physical sense. What that means. What that looks like.”

Curating Valeska Gert: Ana Isabel Keilson in conversation with Wolfgang Muller and An Paenhuysen

“In 2010 I began my PhD in the History department at Columbia University, focusing on intellectual history and performance during Weimar Germany. While researching in Berlin, I met An Paenhuysen, a former visiting scholar at Columbia, who had just curated ‘Pause. Valeska Gert: Bewegte Fragmente’ at the Hamburger Banhof with Wolfgang Muller. In addition to co-curating the exhibition, Muller published Valeska Gert: Asthetik der Prasenzen (2010), which includes a reprint of Gert’s memoir, Mein Weg (1931). I was eager to talk with them about this important yet relatively obscure artist.”

Clifford Owens in conversation with Lydia Bell

CC Editor Lydia Bell talked with artist Clifford Owens in his studio as he was working on Anthology, an exhibition of performance scores that is on view at MoMA PS1 through March 12, 2012. On Saturday, December 17 from 2-4pm, Owens will perform selected scores from Anthology.