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Critical Correspondence

Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey in Conversation with Dillon de Give

Critical Correspondence asked artist and dance outsider Dillon de Give (Brooklyn) to interview choreographers Wally Cardona (Brooklyn) & Jennifer Lacey (Paris) about their new collaborative creation TOOL IS LOOT premiering September 22-October 1st at the Kitchen. They discuss “the culmination of a year-long process of aesthetic disorientation” where each artist solicited week-long encounters with non-dance experts: an astrophysicist, a sommelier, a visual artist, an architect, a film editor, a medical supply salesman, a kinetic sculptor, a baroque opera singer, an art critic, a group of acousticians and a social activist.

Rebecca Davis in conversation with Jodi Bender

Jodi Bender, who has performed with Rebecca Davis for the past year, talks with Rebecca about her work with Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, the artists who are representing the United States at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Rebecca choreographed the solos for gymnasts that are performed on Allora & Calzadilla’s sculptures.

Yanira Castro in conversation with Peggy Cheng

Choreographer Yanira Castro speaks with Peggy Cheng, a dancer who has worked with Yanira since 2004 and been following her work since 1998. Peggy will perform in Yanira’s newest piece, Paradis, which premieres at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on June 2-4, 2011.

Zvonimir Dobrovic in conversation with Milka Djordjevich

Croatian curator Zvonimir Dobrovic speaks with New York choreographer and Critical Correspondence editor Milka Djordjevich. Zvonimir discusses the Perforations Festival New York, which takes place at La MaMa March 11-21.

Dance on Camera Studies Project RE-CAP

The Dance On Camera Studies Project took place on Tuesday January 25, 2011 at Judson Memorial Church. Read about the event, watch the videos that were screened, and listen to a podcast of the moderated discussion.

Trajal Harrell in conversation with Thomas DeFrantz

Thomas DeFrantz, MIT Professor of Theater Arts, speaks with New York choreographer Trajal Harrell. Trajal discusses Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church, a multi-year, five part project whose second and third installments, Extra Small (XS) and Medium (M), will premiere at The Kitchen February 9-13.

Cori Olinghouse in conversation with Thomas DeFrantz

MIT Professor of Theater Arts Thomas DeFrantz speaks with New York choreographer Cori Olinghouse. Cori discusses VOIX DE VILLE, which premieres at Danspace Project February 3-5 as part of Platform 2011: Body Madness – Absurdity & Wit, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor.

Karinne Keithley in conversation with Aynsley Vandenbroucke

Karinne Keithley and Aynsley Vandenbroucke talk about Montgomery Park, a work that Karinne workshopped in July 2010 at Mount Tremper Arts and will premiere November 4-13 at Incubator Arts Project. Interview date:  October 12, 2010 Download this conversation as PDF Download this conversation as a podcast Karinne Keithley: This is going to be the first […]

Daria Faïn in conversation with Marya Wethers

Daria Faïn is an acclaimed New York choreographer originally from Antibes, France. Critical Correspondence paired her with Marya Wethers to discuss her latest piece, Working with Stockhausen’s Stimmung (1968), which premieres at Danspace Project September 30, 2010. Marya is active in the New York dance community as a dancer, thinker, and dance administrator. She commissioned […]

Walter Dundervill in conversation with Jon Kinzel

Dear Emisary, … Listen to this interview Thumbnail photo: Walter Dundervill

Jeremy Wade in conversation with Mary Love Hodges

there is no end to more Listen to this conversation Mary Love Hodges: Hi Jeremy. Let’s get started… your new work, there is no end to more, focuses on Japanese “cute” culture and its underlying grotesque elements. Jeremy Wade: Correct.

Neal Medlyn in conversation with Adrienne Truscott

Her’s a Queen Download this interview as PDF Listen to an excerpt of Prologue Paparazzi Party Adrienne Truscott: We don’t have to start officially. I thought I’d turn it on in case you say something smart. Neal Medlyn: Okay. Adrienne: Just on accident. Neal: It’s the only way I will say anything smart. Adrienne: Wait, […]

Megan Byrne, Michael Mahalchick, Will Rawls, and Regina Rocke in conversation with Levi Gonzalez

MR Spring Festival 2009 – Roll Call Listen to this interview Download this interview as PDF Levi González: I’m here with the Movement Research Festival Curatorial Team from Spring 2009 – Roll Call: Regina Rocke, Will Rawls, Michael Mahalchik and Megan Bryne. I’m curious about what your ideas of the Festival were and why it […]

Melanie Maar and Kenta Nagai in conversation with Ana Isabel Keilson

Phenomenal Bodies Listen to the first interview, recorded on 3/26/09 Listen to the second interview, recorded on 4/18/09 Thumbnail photo: Ian W. Douglas

Jodi Melnick in conversation with Jean Butler

Fanfare Listen to this interview