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Critical Correspondence

muscle memory_240

Jeff Friedman in Conversation with Will Rawls

After ten years on faculty at Rutgers University, Jeff Friedman, Ph.D, is nearing the launch of this research university’s first MFA in Dance. Among the first Ph.Ds in dance in the U.S., Friedman talks with Will about his approach to critical pedagogy, the development of a globally literate dance practitioner and how to create the […]


Haleem ‘Stringz’ Rasul and Marcus White in Conversation with Biba Bell

In July The Cranbrook Art Museum [Detroit, MI] hosted a series of Dance Labs initiated by artist Nick Cave. The Labs were research opportunities for guest choreographers to work with Cave’s soundsuits and develop dances for Here Hear a citywide site-specific performance program. Haleem ‘Stringz’ Rasul, Marcus White and Biba Bell participated in the Labs and […]


The POSTDANCE Dialogues: Keynote Address by Jonathan Burrows

    Jonathan Burrows’s Keynote Address for the Postdance Conference in  Stockholm, Sweden Curated by André Lepecki for MDT and Cullberg Ballet, Stockholm, October 14th 2015   Download a PDF of Burrows’s Keynote Address ____________________________________________________________________________   Good morning and welcome.   André Lepecki suggested to me that this Postdance Conference was an opportunity to find […]

500_Bell Dance Lab

Biba Bell discusses dance as a promiscuous mode of dwelling

  CC co-editor Biba Bell shares an interlude-esque essay that expresses her ongoing project that thinks through the potential of dance to promiscuously move about, mobilize societal limitations, resist capture, and generally infiltrate disciplinary and institutional habits, aka business as usual… crashing the party; escaping the house. Woven throughout her perpetual proposition – “Would you […]


Takahiro Yamamoto in Conversation with David Thomson

Download a PDF of this Conversation   July 27, 2015   Takahiro: What I love about Portland is this sense of community, this artistic community. Everybody’s so invested in it, even without the lack of funds, so they show up at events. So I, as an audience member, feel like I am a part of […]


Paloma McGregor in Conversation with Abigail Levine

While attending and dancing in Ishmael Houston-Jones’s 2012 Danspace Project platform series Parallels, artist-activist Paloma McGregor began to think about the lack of experimental forums in which Black dance artists were well-represented. How had the idea of artistic experimentation and radicality become tied to White culture? And untied from Black culture? Were critics and presenters […]

BILL rrrrRE 5203

BodyCartography in conversation with HIJACK

BodyCartography co-directors Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad speak with HIJACK collaborators Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder about the premiere of HIJACK’s premiere of “redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye” at the Walker Art Center. The interview took place in Olive and Otto’s home in November 2013.       Download a PDF of this […]

karenthumbPhoto by Yu-Chen Wu

Alyssa Gersony in conversation with Karen Schupp

In this conversation, Karen Schupp, Assistant Professor at The School outlines the foci of “Dance 2050” from both 2012 and 2013, her personal research about the effectiveness of the ASU curriculum, and her own pedagogical approaches to cultivating leadership in the classroom. Karen also offers her perspective on the currency of Master’s degrees in dance, […]


Carla Peterson in conversation with AUNTS and CATCH

Following a two-day event in February in which the performance series’ AUNTS and CATCH took turns trading curatorial and production practices, Carla Peterson, Artistic Director of New York Live Arts, interviewed CATCH curators Andrew Dinwiddie, Caleb Hammons and Jeff Larson, and AUNTS organizers Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman about the experience and what it revealed […]


Joshua Lubin-Levy in conversation with Neal Beasley

As we at CC turn our attention to the critical issues that emerge in dance’s current encounter with the museum, this conversation covering Neal Beasley’s career with the Trisha Brown Dance Company as well as his own choreographic interests, offers practical and theoretical insights into the embodied forms of archiving that take place in the […]


Jessie Gold and Sam Gordon in conversation with Alyssa Gersony

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) held the second edition of its art fair – NADA New York – May 10th through May 12th at Pier 36, Basketball City, showcasing over 70 international visual art galleries, representing 13 countries. This year, amidst the traditional art fair model, NADA also hosted Contemporary Dancing under the curation and organization of Sam […]

Michelle Boule in rehearsal for WONDER, photo by Wah Ming Chang

Michelle Boulé in conversation with Matthew Walker

ISSUE Project Room was first introduced to Michelle Boule through her participation in cellist/composer/improviser Okkyung Lee’s 2011 Artist-in-Residency at ISSUE. As evidenced by her collaborative performance with Lee, Boule’s layered and transfixing engagement with movement, light, performance space, and audience suggested she would be an ideal fit for our 2012 Emerging Artists Commission program, which sought to reach outside our normal sound-oriented range of focus to encompass transdisciplinary practices. ISSUE Development Director Matthew Walker discusses process, authenticity, vulnerability and texture in performance with dancer/choreographer Michelle Boule in anticipation of her upcoming premiere, WONDER, May 30-31.

IMG_4919_860 thumb

Marissa Perel in conversation with Katy Pyle, Jules Skloot, Cassie Mey, Francis Weiss Rabkin, Sam Greenleaf Miller, Effie Bowen, and Lindsay Reuter

In February 2012, artist/writer/curator Marissa Perel spoke with dancer/choreographer Katy Pyle about her queered ballet form, Ballez, and the early stages of her latest piece, “The Firebird,” which was presented at Danspace Project, May 16-18. Here, members of the cast of “The Firebird” join Perel and Pyle to discuss motivations for the piece, each performer's experience of Ballez, and alternative approaches to the idea of failure in queer performance.


Rosie Herrera in conversation with Celeste Fraser Delgado

Dance critic and scholar Celeste Fraser Delgado talks with Miami-based choreographer Rosie Herrera, of Rosie Herrera Dance Theater, about her piece “Dining Alone,” running Thursday and Friday at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (Thursday 7:30 and 9:30 and Friday 7:30, tickets $20). They explore how a girl from a post-communist compound in the Cuban ghetto of Hialeah, Florida grew up to love opera, big ensembles, and even bigger emotions.

Matt Karas - 4 thumb

Camille Brown in conversation with Rashida Bumbray

Curator and choreographer Rashida Bumbray talks with choreographer and dancer Camille Brown about her piece “Mr. TOL E. RAncE,” running tonight through Saturday, April 6 at The Kitchen (8pm, tickets $15). They discuss Camille’s diverse source material (from vaudeville to Dave Chappelle), reissuing stereotypes, the myth of post-racialism, and the importance of the post-show Q&A.