Present Place

Present Place

Thank you thank you Levi

When the four of us first came together to share our visions and dreams for the festival, we spent some time reflecting on the work of Levi Gonzalez, who many of you probably know is the Director of Artist Programs at Movement Research, and our guiding star in the enormous project of putting the festival together. Levi is leaving his post at M.R. and New York—his home for nearly 20 years—to begin graduate studies at UCLA. He has touched so many of us here in this room and beyond the walls of this room, as a choreographer, as an improviser, as a dancer, as a mentor, as a teacher, as an editor, as a dance advocate, and as a friend. His depth of knowledge and love for dance is rare and registers in his body, work, and words and he will be so missed. We want to say thank you Levi, for your generous, immeasurable commitment to dance that has nourished so many of us. We wish you a future of happiness and that you find a community of the caliber of creative brilliance, humanity, and humor that you bring to this community here in NY.  LA is so lucky to have you.

Aretha Aoki

  • Tara Willis

    thank you!

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