Month: July 2016

1 inviting / corresponding

hand written note(s): before and beyond A month has passed since hand written note(s) . . . A month of massacre and memorial circles, Ramadan prayers for Orlando, Queers against Islamophobia, new vigils in Charleston for the church dead, shapeshifting, Brexit, a high yellow prettyboy spitting truth to power—who knew?—on BET, color drama, stars and

2 addressing / enveloping/ enclosing

In La MaMa Great Jones Studio 6, I take 3 workshops one after the other: Marissa Perel’s “Rename and Unbody: Somatic Awareness and Language for Who and What We Are,” Ni’Ja Whitson’s “Being a Body Out Loud: Trans-Indigenous and Political Practices for Artists and Activists seeking radical moves in their work, art, lives,” and mayfield

3 rewiring / forwarding

My friend Purvi comes with me to Enclosures at The Chocolate Factory. We have our marked-up copies of Sylvia Federici, Fred Moten, and badass Audre Lorde. My festival experience so far has been extraordinary and to use Ni’Ja Whitson’s word, I feel armored, prepared, and what in Detroit we used to call “geeked!” I can’t