Author: Maura Donohue


Action for Healing: Loud, Ruptured and Well

Anxious. Tired. Weary. Wary. The last words in my notebook prior to Ni’Ja Whitson’s Being A Body Out Loud: Trans-Indigenous and Political Practices for Artists and Activists Seeking Radical Moves in Their Work, Art, Lives workshop at La Mama’s Great Jones studios during the Healing Action day of the 2016 Spring Festival. We begin by announcing our names and preferred


Present Place

Buzzing – hugs and hi’s – eeeeee! “It’s happening! And, there’s a special surprise for Levi at the end. Hope you brought tissues.”  Lily Bo Shapiro and Randy Reyes start us and the Spring Festival off in “The Present Place: An Improvisation for Lasting Action” at Judson Church. It’s the final Monday night of the