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I have so many thank you’s to give to this festival, to the artists who are making it come into existence at each moment of performance in ways that exceed forethought, to all the rooms that hold us, to the networks of people and bodies of thought that hold these spaces’ walls together; and to

Present Place

Thank you thank you Levi When the four of us first came together to share our visions and dreams for the festival, we spent some time reflecting on the work of Levi Gonzalez, who many of you probably know is the Director of Artist Programs at Movement Research, and our guiding star in the enormous

Present Place

Present Place: June 6, 2016 an evening of improvisation. Downtown’s ceremonial Monday pilgrimage to Movement Research at the Judson Church. An instinctual destination for many and a new destination for some. We gather for a collection of dance voices in the church, I often wonder When did we start dancing in the church? and I remember, We have always


Present Place

Buzzing – hugs and hi’s – eeeeee! “It’s happening! And, there’s a special surprise for Levi at the end. Hope you brought tissues.”  Lily Bo Shapiro and Randy Reyes start us and the Spring Festival off in “The Present Place: An Improvisation for Lasting Action” at Judson Church. It’s the final Monday night of the

Festival Writings

The curators and our team of festival writers, including festival artists and guest writers, will post on the MR Festival website all week. We have asked each writer—performers and audience members alike—to respond as an artist, and as such, welcome their unique vantages. Read along in real-time as we share our impressions of the various