making, working, eating, and showing

10 AM – 8 PM volunteering at BkSD (in two hour slots)
Volunteer Day, Dinner, and Performance

Contributions by: Jumatatu Poe & Mariana Valencia

Nourishing community and providing a web of support for artistic research are what propel this event, which brings together three organizations: Movement Research (MR), School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (SCDT), and Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD).

MR is partnering with SCDT in Northampton, MA to provide two artists with three days of rest, retreat, and residency outside of the city. Jumatatu Poe and Mariana Valencia will take this time for whatever they would like to work on. They will show something of what they are making at BkSD. During the day, BkSD will host various work projects in and around the venue, such as gardening, painting and food preparations for a dinner that will be served during the show.

Those who volunteer will get to eat and see the show for free. To sign up or inquire about volunteering, contact See further information about volunteering below.

Mariana Valencia, (b. 1984, Chicago Ill.) is a dance artist. She’s had residencies at New York Live Arts, Chez Bushwick, Pieter Pasd, Showbox LA and ISSUE Project Room. Valencia has received generous support from The Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation, The Jerome Travel and Study Grant, and the FCA Emergency Grant. She has costumed works by Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst, Juliana May, Jen Rosenblit, and Geo Wyeth. Valencia has performed in work by Kim Brandt, Kate Brandt, AK Burns, Elizabeth Orr, Jules Gimbrone, and robbinschilds. She holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

Jumatatu Poe is a choreographer and performer based between Philadelphia and New York City. His early exposure to concert dance was through African dance and capoeira performances on California college campuses where his parents studied and worked, but he did not start formal dance training until college with Umfundalai, Kariamu Welsh’s contemporary African dance technique. His work continues to be influenced by various sources, including my recent sociological research of and technical training in J-setting with Donte Beacham. I produce dance and performance work with idiosynCrazy productions. Also, I am an Assistant Professor of Dance at Swarthmore College.


Call for Volunteers!

Please join Movement Research and Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD) for a day of making, working, eating and showing! BkSD will host various work projects in and around the venue, such as gardening, painting and food preparations. Any volunteer who puts in two hours of work at BkSD on June 8th can attend the 8pm Performance/Dinner for free. To sign up for volunteering, contact

 Schedule of Activities/Tasks

10a-12p // Re-lay Marley Floor

12p-2p // Set up studio for show: place seating, lights, set-up food tables and plates/utensils, prep hallways, general studio tidy

2p-6p // General facilities and grounds work — building interior: cleaning, vacuuming, scouring, dusting, painting, organizing cupboards/rooms, // building exterior: lawn care, weeding, tilling, pruning, building garden boxes, planting seeds

6p-8p // Show and food preset // Set up front of house, reset bathrooms, reset trash, building signage // kitchen assistance: washing dishes and preparing plates, transferring food and dishes to studio, food signage,

**If you are not available for any of the shifts above but would like to help with strike/clean-up from 9pm-11pm, please email