Built by Liliana Dirks-Goodman

Installation (Open to the public during festival events at select locations)

Monday June 6: Judson Memorial Church
Wednesday June 8: Brooklyn Studios for Dance
Friday June 10: The Chocolate Factory

The three Houses are an effort to create a non-structural, “floppy” architecture that uses existing structures and spaces to create new sites for activities of different scales and visibilities. The Houses are constructed using handcrafted techniques and materials such as sewing with fabric and knitting with yarn. The process is informed by a feminist practice that envisions the life of each house beyond its sculptural qualities, used for activities alternative to the dominant structure that houses and supports them.



The curators and our team of festival writers, including festival artists and guest writers, will post on the MR Festival website all week. We have asked each writer—performers and audience members alike—to respond as an artist, and as such, welcome their unique vantages. Read along in real-time as we share our impressions of the various festival events. These informal writings will be offered as open-ended dialogues.