Performance Journal

Performance Journal 48 Editors and Table of Contents

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MRPJ#48 Editorial Team:

Editor-in-Chief Moriah Evans
Senior Editor Macklin Kowal
Managing Editor Lauren Bakst
Graphic Design David Knowles
Cover Artist Portfolio Editor and Layout Lisa Nelson
Contributing Editors Matthew Lyons, Ursula Eagly, Ethan Philbrick
Copy Editor Conor Creaney
Editorial Assistant Racy Brand
Ad Layout Catherine Galasso
Intern Nola Sporn Smith
Special Thanks to Lisa Nelson, Evelyn Donnelly, Miana Jun, Matthew Lyons, Rebecca Wender, Diana Crum
Printing Earth Enterprise

Table of Contents

2 Editor's Letters
3 NEWS: Rumor Says Should We Build?
John Hoobyar
4 OPINION: Moving For The Crowd
William Penrose
7 MEETING: Jelili Atiku
by Ishmael Houston-Jones
11 FESTIVAL: Labortorio: Condensacion
by Ursula Eagly
12 INTERVIEW: Mike Taylor
by Sarah Michelson
16 CENTERFOLD: Stanley Love
18 INTERVIEW: Mike Taylor

by Ralph Lemon
22 IN MEMORIAM: Chantal Akerman
by Babette Mangolte
24 MUSIC: David Linton
by David Watson
27 PLACE: Migrating Words
by He Jin Jang
24 REFERENCES: The "THEY" Manifesto
by Jackson Mac Low
Reading Lists:
Pierre Godard
Julie Tolentino
29 PLANNING: Dancing, Reading, Planning
by Ethan Philbrick
30 PROFILE: Tom Brazil
34 Project Page
by Rebecca Patek

P1 PORTFOLIO: Cathy Weis
P2 The Road to Madame Xenogamy
P3 Archiving CW Projects

by Sarah Richison
P4 My Collaborators & Works
P5 Choreography for the Eye
by C. Carr
P6 Storyboard: Electric Haiku
P9 Putting it All Onstage
Davidson Gigliotti
P10 Cathy's Clown
by Jennifer Miller
P11 Eyeing In and Out
by Jennifer Monson
Playing the Image
by Scotty Heron
P12 Back Cover




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