Movement Research Festival Spring 2016

June 6-11, 2016

Curated by
Aretha Aoki, Elliott Jenetopulos, Eleanor Smith and Tara Aisha Willis



(brochure and website designed by Ayano Elson)

"Thoughts scribbled in the margins, notes passed on the sly, the indominant culture hidden just below the surface structure. This festival will hold space for names, loss, mystery and darkness, reverence and interaction healing and self-care, attending to layers of history and what comes before as the groundwork for lasting action."

Artists include: Becca Blackwell, mayfield brooks, Justin Cabrillos, Anna Carapetyan, Ayano Elson, devynn emory, Jonathan Gonzalez, Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Marguerite Hemmings, Robert Kocik, Melanie Maar, Michael Mahalchick, Sarah Maxfield, BASHIR DAVIID NAIM, iele paloumpis, Weena Pauly, Marissa Perel, Jumatatu Poe, Randy Reyes, Regina aka Wolf Medicine, Julia Santoli, Lily Bo Shapiro, Risa Shoup, Social Health Performance Club, Anna Adams Stark, Mariana Valencia, Ni'Ja Whitson.

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