In fall/winter, at Dance Theater Workshop. This free, weekly program for the exploration of movement-based ideas within a low-tech format continues this season at locaations around town! For Oct-Nov \'05 and Jan \'06, performances on Sundays at 8pm doors open at 7:45) at DTW. No reservations and seating is limited so arrive early. Artists for the Fall/Winter season 2005/06 are: asubtout, Crystal Brown, rinsley Evans, Jonah Bokaer, Rachel Thorne Germond, Naomi Goldberg-Haas, Michael Helland, Jmy Leary, Lenora Lee, Malanie Maar, Magnetic Laboratorium, Nico y Katiushka, Misty Owens, Mina Nishimura, Mitsu Salmon, Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble, Antoinetta Vicario, Arturo Vidich, Ani Weinstein, Emily Wexler, and Chris Yon; as well as Artistis in Residence from 2004/05 including Ori Flomin, Kiyoko Kashiwagi, Sam Kim, Yvonne Meier, and others TBA.


Fall 2005/Winter 2006

November 13
Misty Owens/ Deganit Shemy

October 2
Kiyoko Kashiwagi/ Heather Kravas/ Melanie Maar/ Jonah Bokaer

October 9
Lenora Lee

October 16
Ori Flomin/ Cristal Brown/ Arturo Vidich

October 23
Jbird Leary/ Mitsu Salmon/ JOU-JO/ Ana Sperber

October 30
Anna Huber/ Emily Wexler/ Johanna Meyer/ Melinda Ring

November 20
Nico and Katiushka/ Jim May, Brinsley Evans/ Mina Nishimura

November 27
Michael Helland/ Antonietta Vicario/ Juliette Mapp

January 8
Katy Pyle and Eleanor Hullinan/ Rachel Thorne Germand, Yvonne Meier

January 15
Chris Yon, Sam Kim, Kimberly Bartosik

January 29
Naomi Goldberg-Haas, Marisela LaGrave, Ani Weinstein

  • * MR Artist in Residence 2005
  • ** MR Artist in Residence 2004

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